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Friday, 24 September 2021

Sun-had-set Boulevard

And here I am. I am rubbish at asking
others to take my photo, I wanted to, but
I did not. So here I am at the end of the
evening instead in an appalling selfie.
Oh, and old not smartwatch ahoy!
Last night I went to the in-person support group because my children were away with Tilly to surprise her Dad for a milestone birthday. It has allowed me to (digression klaxon) be me a bit more this week, and I have embraced that and enjoyed it. Even though I didn't go to the vegan favourite my local vegan cafe gaming on Tuesday I did wear mascara that evening and dress as myself. On Wednesday I wore my pencil skirt and new blouse and enjoyed being professional whilst watching crap on youtube. It's the small things. But, last night, I once again put on the mascara, after a bath to shave my legs and chest and pits, and then the white long sleeved t-shirt, the pink t-shirt that I love, my flares and some of my new socks. Glasses on and I walked down the street(!) to the car, went and... enjoyed it.

Basically I am a walking meme machine - in that I can relate virtually anything back to a meme or video or book - and it was actually quite nice. I was everso slightly jealous of the amazing fashion choices on display there, the amazing uses of make-up (some incredible nail work and jealousy inducing use of eye-make-up from a new person attending for the first time) and the community feel. You know me by now, I am good at grand gestures and attending for a little while - it is in the long term that I become hard to stomach and deal with.

I really like this look. I did at
the time too. But now? Now I know
why I never fancied Carrie-Anne Moss,
I just thought her style might look good
on me.
Work today was a little more difficult than normal, the crunch is coming and I am struggling as ever to keep pace, but I know that the storm is coming and that I shall weather (ha) it as best as I can. I always do. I was also reminded about the feeling of those first days back at work and that put me in a happier mood as I charged the car ready for the weekend's shenanigans. Then I came home and indulged by watching Matrix Reloaded and really enjoyed it. I have played very much into the meme that the sequels were rubbish but I did recall enjoying the films in the cinema when I watched them (2003 apparently!). And, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and remembering the incredible soundtrack again.

Oh, tonight I'm in my blue jeggings, butterfly t-shirt and I feel amazing. When I got back from the support group last night I very nearly went for a walk because the temperature was forgiving and I felt so at home dressed as I was. I had some of my students say that I was wearing more colourful clothing this year (I am not) and it really buoyed me up because it just proves that observation that I appear happier and more comfortable with myself. Next, honestly, is deciding whether or not I want to try for Carrie-Anne Moss's hairstyle from the Matrix films when I get my hair trimmed in half term (end of October). I mentioned this last night and one of the kind souls there present looked at me, considered, and then said they could totally see it on me. I won't lie and say I wasn't flattered. I still think it was a well-meaning lie, but now that seed has been planted and we'll just have to see what happens now.

Luckily, FaceApp is on hand to deal
with the close-up, Mister Demille.

One thing was very clear today, though, as I drove home and ruminated on the events of the week past: I really would like to not have my beard or facial hair. Like, ever again, I cannot imagine a situation where I would willingly and without qualm go back to having my beard. Having had one for the best part of 21 years this was something of a surprise but not entirely unexpected. When I am inevitably asked what I hope to gain from any potential transition, I guess this is the first honest-to-god physical change and source of dysphoria. Just spotting on the full photo above that I have such dark stubble made me pause. And I wasn't expecting that. In the end, I just want to feel like I did on Thursday night, when I got home, more often. I want to be able to actually go for that bloody walk, but in the daylight and with no stubble and a feminine haircut so that I can code 'woman' enough not to instantly get beaten up on the way out. And, for the first time, I'm wondering if I might be looking at a potential future rather than a ridiculous and fantastical vivid dream just before I awaken.


  1. FWIW, I thought the compliment was genuine and I could also see you rocking Trin's haircut. Why not? You might like it... plus it seems a little late for the blue pill ­čśë

    1. You're not wrong, time to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

      And thank you, I am blushing (but in a good way).


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