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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Tights Fit

I love how this all looks. The App struggled
with my t-shirt. But, of course, the dream
is that one day I don't have to use the App
to look like this.

Anyway, t-shirt and tights combo! Love this
Action: I have shaved my legs again. Been shaving around the beard every day for the last week or so, and that's been good. I have a smooth-ish face with a short beard there (for now). Like the lady said: "yet". My parcel from Snag arrived yesterday and oh my goodness, but not only are the colours wonderful, they are so comfortable and easy to wear! They really aren't joking about the fit and the care and attention they lavish on their product: PSA time: if you need tights, go to Snag!

Within a few minutes of rescuing the parcel I was upstairs and trying them on and I took a load of photos with the mustatrd top and my new darling dungaree dress. THIS is just how I imagined it would be and looks fab, even with my face on top of it. So I celebrated with a glass of white wine, yes, I am trying stereotypically feminine things and no, I shan't apologise for that. Does the wine maketh the woman? Of course not, not even close, but does a stereotypical drink and a bubble bath with leg shaving give me a small taste of gender euphoria precisely because of the soceital expectations surrounding such choices: yes, yes it does. I shall take that and make the caveat that this is not what I expect femininity to be nor what I expect of myself now that I have accepted my trans-woman-ness. I don't know what I expect.

Okay, this is not tomboyish in any way
but I still love it. Shows off those
sheer tights as well.
I've said it before, and it bears repeating, if I had been accepted as a female from birth then I likely wouldn't be what one considered a 'girly girl' and would likely have been known as a tomboy. My point? Femininity is more than stereotypes, but now and again it's nice to revert to that and indulge it a little because, well, it's a stereotype. Also, and this is important, it's nice to feel smooth legs and shaved pits. It was nice to have some wine in a bubble bath. I have a headache today as a result (white wine really never has agreed with me) but I feel like it was a price worth paying.

There's been some tension as well, of course, but I shan't dwell on it. The important thing is that I have worn my sheers from Snag today all day and that was nice, even if I failed to get any work done due to the headache. There was the stress from my father deciding he really didn't want to help get furniture to my place from my mother and I judged a debate, which was nice. Really struggling with my hair at the moment - it's getting long (yay) and I'm using hair grips (yay) but it needs something a bit more effective and, well, feminine. I'm not in a place or position where I feel I can risk that just yet, so it hasn't happened.

Haven't been charging en femme yet but I did manage to wear my mustard top last night when charging the car, so it will do. And, well, I won a pod at Pokemon on Tuesday - sue me, it made me happy. That is a welcoming place and, eventually, I shall go there dressed too.


  1. Very cute outfits! But Snag seems a terrible name for a hosiery company...

    1. I was in the middle of composing an e-mail to you! And yes, but I rather like the idea that Snag means that they can weather the damage (they absolutely can't alas, I have a snag in my sheers already). And thank you for the compliment!

      I might have gone to an actual support group last night and gone fully dressed and that might be in some part down to your support and example. Just sayin'.

      I hope all is well with you!

  2. A support group would be excellent for you! And carry on with the email; I like the back and forth, miss.

    1. Then I shall and send it!

      And, one can hope so.


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