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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

After Dinner Conversation

Well, that was revealing. I shared with Tilly my concern that I didn't want to hit 56 and find that my last sexual experience was in 2016. I said I didn't anticipate any particular response.

Eventually, like in half an hour, Tilly hugged me and thanked me for sharing my concern. Hers was that I would get bored with the lack of progress and leave. I accepted that I had said things to that effect, and pointed out that she'd told me if I wanted her to put out we may as well get divorced. Tilly got shirty, did I not remember the conversation that followed where we said we'd try? Also, she hadn't said that, she'd asked if that's what I wanted or did I want a divorce and I'd said divorce. Then we'd had a conversation.

We paused so I could unplug the car and gather things for school tomorrow.

On returning I said that was unlikely that I would leave,a if not just based on the grim logic of the situation. I eventually, in a couple of minutes, boiled it down to "don't be silly." Tilly then worked and went to sleep.

Fascinating. I feel like there's something missing.