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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year Listings

It's 2019 and it's been a heck of a year in 2018.

I've not much to say this year. Unlike previous years. I can thank Leslie, again, for being a pillar of support once again and continuing to offer wise counsel. I hope that she knows just how much help she's provided and how much that has been appreciated in this last tumultuous year.

I can also add Lily to the list of helpful peeps this year and thank them for all the help that has been provided simply by having someone to give a virtual ear in times of high trouble and also providing things to be read throughout the year. These have provided a rare treat in terms of quality and diversion at points where, frankly, I needed that. Most especially when it looked like everything was actually about to go South rather than just painting things that way as I do.

Thank you, also, to Rhi, who does still stop by from time to time and deserves a shout out for continuing to be helpful and supportive and positive to other people far in advance of what she gets for herself from those people.

Honestly, the kindness of people that stop by here continues to make me embarrassed and impressed in equal measure. So thank you. Sincerely.

In terms of sites that I visited, things have been lean this year. The latter part of the year saw me transfer almost entirely to GetDare forums, where things were pretty good actually. It meant that I finally bit the bullet and got and wore a chastity device - still one of my best purchases of the last year - and met and talked with a number of highly decent and interesting people. Thank you that site.

Things are better than they were back in November (so long ago, right?). Still a long way to go, still more to murble about on this here blog. But recently I've been ill a bit and burned through that by drinking plenty of high class beer. Mmm, beer.