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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Holiday

More illustrated story than caption to be fair.
I had a few days alone, ostensibly to finish marking, at the start of last week as Tilly and the children went on a break locally. The Boy, middle, wished to stay in a hotel and who are we to deny such a simple wish? So, they went about a bus ride away and I got the house to myself until the Wednesday. I am sure that I have already mentioned the site GetDare and I decided to use it to try and galvanise myself to use the time effectively. I was all for not actually getting dressed in the end but the dares there were enough to tip me over the edge. So it was that on the Monday night (note how I didn't dress on the Sunday evening) I was dressed in a my knee-length skirt and white blouse with stuffed bra and wedges. It was a lovely experience and I thoroughly enjoyed doing my marking, making my tea, eating food and generally just being dressed. The following evening I wore the black top that used to be Tilly's before she threw it out and I rescued it. I also wore the mini-skirt that was a gift from Toby as it didn't fit her and my purple tights, stuffed bra and wedge heels.

On both nights I indulged in corner time using a corner time app, which was lovely, as it happens. I don't know why that should make a difference, it really is a strange thing to be taking a fascination with, but it was relaxing and actually felt quite liberating. It got me thinking, again, about missed opportunities to live as I seem to want to live whilst I was at University and when people would actually have been pretty supportive. It got me thinking about my naivete when I was looking for a partner in assuming that I would be the stick in the mud and the one who would be holding back on the bedroom front. And about why I initially went out with Toby and wanted to stay with her. And what attracted me to Tilly - her apparent adventurous nature and Devil-may-care approach to life in general.

My vicar warned us that oftentimes relationships would be like that. The one partner would wish the other to change and they wouldn't, the other wishing their partner would stay the same only for them to change. I think we live that particular cliche. It was a sobering thought and so, naturally, I put it to the back of my mind and enjoyed the evenings. I even cleaned the house, as I had been requested, whilst dressed on the second evening.

An Art Teacher with some serious

No offence, Miss, I wish I could
look that good!
They returned home and the Wednesday evening was blessed with a take-out that didn't make me ill, yay! However, it was tinged with disappointment - Tilly was happy to tell me all about their adventures but less willing to talk about what I had been up to. Now, in fairness, I had been at work and marking papers as I do at this time of year so I can't blame her but it was a tad one-sided. Still, I can get a little over-bearing when in discussion mode so it was perhaps time for her to be allowed to dominate for a change. In the evenings afterward I missed the dressing but continued with GetDare and the cornertime where possible because... well, I don't know. I found an ABDL caption site and have been reading that with a massive surge in self-pleasure over the last week. I have mostly finished my marking but my late nights continue as I allow myself to jump more fully into that missed life once the children are in bed and Tilly is asleep.

A parents' evening (never know where the apostrophe goes any more, I end up second-guessing myself too much) and another late night after the weekend (itself the last gasp of marking) means that I haven't really been a proper parent to either of our eldest despite taking the new child for an hour or so of an evening whilst Tilly bathes or washes her hair or just has some time alone.. I can't complain, making a roast on Sunday gained me an actual hug and unbidden peck on the cheek, the first such things since she discovered she was pregnant.

I expected this, I predicted it, and I was not wrong. All Tilly's protestations when she was trying to get me to agree to having a third child about how she would be different and how she would be more emotionally and physically open to me were... well, no, let's not be unfair. She was much happier with what I did and didn't get angry with me as much, nor as resentful and didn't blame me for things at random. Which helped me as it showed me just how much she did the first two times and how much of all of that truly wasn't my fault - being much more than I had assumed at the time - but it wasn't anywhere near what she said she would be like - not that I actually believed any of what she said. I realise that sounds a tad accusatory, it isn't meant like that.