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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Looks enough like the NHS, I love the dotty auntie NHS.

Took a while though.
We move on. Just a short post tonight as I have nothing much to get a cob on about. I do rather paint Tilly badly on here, and I know one person who reads this and knows her would probably agree with me when I say that I don't lie or misconstrue, but I probably paint things blacker than they are. That said, there was a bit of a minor scare today, not connected to the horrendous incident in London (which, thank God, was not worse and that is something given its nature; how do you plan to stop that without removing all freedoms?) whereby I was called away from work to take Tilly to the hospital. Possible complications. There weren't any, but I was called away from work.

These images always befuddle me. Who does that? Is it
paid well?
Despite all my shouting and moaning on here I do know that Tilly is not the type to ring me at work unless things are awful and I am needed. So it was that I left work and helped out. Not much to do, she was stoic, but she does still do rather too much. Walking and busing to Gym with the children yesterday (not like a paying gym, like a class for them to do physical education stuff with trainers and the like - think running around, vaulting, hurdles, tumbles and balance beams) which is a two hour trip. Also walking around town with them both long distances to do errands and the like. Oh, and weeding the garden yesterday. And hoovering every surface in the house for three days straight. And cooking. And washing the bathroom and... you get the idea. She's agreed to try and tone things down now, we're close enough and she's of an age where more rest is required.

Yay for ale.

I may even get to drink it before Easter.
Good things! Someone I know through twitter (yes, I joined there about two years ago) has sent me a hard-to-find US ale for free today. That was nice, and rather unexpected, so I now have a bottle of Founders Breakfast Stout awaiting consumption in the kitchen. It may have to wait a while but that's no biggie for this one. Hard to get in the UK and I've been trying to get hold of some decent Founders stuff after I had their Imperial Stout in the summer at Leeds International Beer Festival. Well, now I have it!

My observation was had way back when and I got feedback yesterday to say that it was the highest grade one can achieve, which is nice. Completely unrealistic, by the way, because I know that the school inspection people would have rated it 'good' - mainly because they base it less on the lesson and more on the evidence and stats over a long period (which wasn't hot enough to warrant anything more than the now standard 'good') - but I'm not complaining. This is not my square to circle and so I'll take the effective pat on the back and move on to pass on the good feels to my colleagues.

It was to Thackray Medical Museum.
Speaking of which, Harry ballsed up the trip yesterday by ordering coaches an hour later than we needed them and we didn't pick up on the error until we were ready to go. I hope that I did not do to them what was done to me when similar balls-ups occurred in my old place, I comforted, assigned no blame and tried to remain chipper, if a little panicked, and blamed no one. I was going to get some ale and wine (for another colleague was also involved and distraught) but haven't had chance yet. Maybe by the end of the week. I can't complain too much (though I will take some smug satisfaction that the day before Harry had been in a foul mood and said, when I realised they'd beaten me to making lists and timetables for the trip, "well, I've got used to you not doing anything" - I thought that a little unfair) as I didn't organise this trip. In short, I hope I was more managerial and supportive than managers have been to me in the past.

My AS allows me to analyse and imitate compassion. Better than nowt.

Right, and now it is bedtime.

Nurses in the NHS are brilliant.

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