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Monday, 29 August 2016

Discussion Points

We did go to Conkers where they have a barefoot walk and
I actually did it!

Did I ever mention that I like going barefoot?
There have been lots of thoughts. First of all: it is now clear (if it wasn't already abundantly obvious) that both of my children are on the spectrum. The Girlie, though it was perhaps shielded a little, is most definitely Aspergic and, quelle suprise, so am I. Now, bear in mind, none of this is official. Yet. But it is rather clear that these things are pretty much able to be taken as truths from here on in. No more wandering around that point and musing on it - I'm pretty confident that I have a big aspie family.

This is largely, I feel, the result of my genes and this probably comes from my mother. That doesn't mean much, but it's a chain of causation.

Okay, she has shoes on, but let's face it: that's the ideal
right there.
This has repercussions for the central theme of this here blog about my feelings, and my children's likely feelings, on gender being something that is hard to define. It's why I am mostly happy with the concept of gender being fluid and individual. Because, as far as I know, it is. There is the physical sex, true enough, and that may not tally with what's going on elsewhere in the brain chemistry or the psychology. And I am fine with that, in case that wasn't obvious either. It brings to mind an article that a friend of mine shared quite a while back now, on which they were asking for discussion - discussion that I feel is necessary. Certainly this article (link here) brought many things that I think I think already to the fore and made them plain. It is why I am glad that there are people out there who can write so that I'm not left flopping on the shore of basic thought like some fish left behind by retreating tides.

And this has very much been my teaching desk. Right
down to the abandoned food receptacles piling up in my
professional space.

I tidied it in the first few weeks of the holidays. And my
room. We have desks in the office too. It was quite the
What else? It was a frenetically busy year that has just been, my academia-focus knows no bounds, even in my dating systems, and it's only recently that I've had time to fill out and just... well, be. We moved the Girlie into the bigger room quite recently, which took much huffing and puffing, and has resulted (for the moment, at least) with my 'dressing' wardrobe in a less accessible position. But, then, I haven't been dressing much lately anyway. Indeed, not since the last post on here in, what, June? The bout of depression, and that is what it was, that started about this time last year seems to have finally lifted - in that I can no longer imagine what it was like living under it, so that seems like a good sign. Now all I have to do is do some actual work to prepare for the new school year and I'm dandy. To that end I spent £65 on a pair of shoes for work today. This from someone who had spent £40 last year and thought that excessive - and then suffered because the shoes were slightly the wrong size and squeaked when I walked for the whole dang year. I'm looking forward to some comfortable brown shoes, the right brown mind you, that won't squeak when I walk. We'll see.

Needless to say, I bloody loved it.

I even ended up dancing to Go West which is one of my least
favourite tracks (due to it being over-played). It works better
live I think.
I went to see the Pet Shop Boys at the Opera House in Covent Garden with my father, that was a good night, and even got to sample some ales. Though my father remained his usual self - apparently he hated the last time we saw the Pet Shop Boys live at the Proms, which was something I did not know. Also, he wanted to know how I chose the ales I wished to try, my answer that I simply went with what I liked the look of was not well received. He's planning to retire, more at is wife's suggestion than his own idea, and worried about what he will be if and when he does. My father has been a workaholic for as long as I've known him but his present worries about identity are, again, more like his wife than him. I'm not sure that bodes well for him, if I'm honest.

Beer for illustrative purposes
We've also had a new fireplace put in. Tilly's writing work has taken off, she now is a freelance writer for reals. So we can save for a wood-burning stove and we've had a fireplace put in. It looks rather spiffy, actually, and is quite exciting. And yes, we seem to be getting on as a couple and things are mostly fine since the last post. Whatever that means I don't know, but things are better than they have been and certainly beyond the nadir of the events leading up to this time last year. She even bought me flowers for our anniversary so no complaints from me. I've been drinking rather a lot of ale and reviewing it, hence leaving this place fallow for so long, and now I seem to be getting back on an even keel on the internets.

So much so that I'm back posting on here and that can't be a bad thing, right? All that is mostly good stuff and augurs better for the coming year than I think I can report at any other time toward the end of August (no, I'm not going to check).

So, that's it for this entry and I look forward to getting back in touch with people, I feel like I've been away too long.

Not a curtsey becasuse, fuck yeah, this
is summer!