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Sunday, 15 May 2016


Yay for Eurovision!

I thought the standard of acts was improved over last year but
that it lacked the insanity and whimsy that I come for.
Busy weekend, two parties to attend and I have been mugged by a massive cold. Possibly just really bad hayfever, difficult to tell. Much stuffiness of head, bunged up nose and occasional nose-bleeds. Also, Eurovision. Okay, it was a tad lacklustre (not quite as bad as last year where Tilly completely checked out, but not great either) where the best act was the joke one in the interval where the hosts did a take on Eurovision songs that was probably what we tuned in for, to be honest. I rather like the style of the whole thing, and watching Justin Timberlake sort of not get it was awkward to say the least.

Me? Angry? Like Little Bunny Froo-Froo impotently angry?

Pshaw, surely you jest!
I don't think I've kept people up to date. There's a trip on the morrow, you know how much I love those, that has been mostly organised by Harry - who is brilliant - but that means that now I worry about it all working as Harry was under more stress than I. There was an episode earlier in the week where I got angry after getting an e-mail sent by my boss that was... well, a bit paranoid. I got angry about it, and may have broken one or two doors by slamming them (as well as scaring Alice and Harry). Still, the interviews resulted in a good appointment who looks like being a good member of the team.

It's kinda funny, the choice was betwixt Chinese and Indian.

Remember how Tilly hates it if I smell of chili and spices
after hot food? I do. So, she would prefer curry. Now, why do
suppose that was the case?

No, I did not think of it this way on the night.

It does rather explain the lack of physical contact (we sat on
opposite ends of the sofa with a table between us) and the
utter lack of contact on retiring to bed. Well, as long as that is
not explained by the fact that I'm a leaking, cold-ridden,
unkempt mess, at any rate.
No real contact with Tilly and Friday ended up with me taking an early night rather than having an ale that was given me by one of the people I know at work - who had been concerned with my anger on the Tuesday (for that was the day it was) and saw a chance to repay my very erratic and occasional gifts of ale (when I find a nice one I tend to buy for others whom I know appreciate the odd ale). So, the ale gift was nice, but the lack of chance to drink it was not. I also gained some nice thoughts from students off on exams, which was nice. Anyway, yes, no contact, then cold on Friday. Party on Saturday when I was rather ill resulted in me being grumpy with the Boy, but he and his sister had great fun with other little people and Tilly mingled with her friends and I had a chat where I scared the crap out of a fellow teacher, so that was different. Evening of Eurovision marked the most time that Tilly and I have spent in the same room without anyone else there since... well, last Eurovision I guess. We had a take-out curry (I couldn't really taste it) and I attempted to snuggle toward the end, Tilly was indifferent and, I suspect, didn't notice. However, I can't complain too much, she was almost romantic about it in advance on a couple of occasions. Keep in mind that I have rather assiduously 'pulled back' after being told to be more obvious again, so I don't know.

Seen plenty of lovely clothes about but not actually bought anything. We're really tight this month for some reason (I haven't budgeted it this tight) so I have no spare cash again. We're getting air-bricks put in to try and combat our damp (I recall this not helping where we used to live, but a builder said we needed them and he's the husband of one of Tilly's friends so I guess his opinion is more learned than anything I could bring to bear).

Tilly doesn't like playing chess with me: apparently I win too
often and it makes her resent playing.
Having taught the Boy chess it turns out that he loves playing it - teaching it to his sister this weekend. I've now taught him Risk (may be a bit beyond him yet) and he would like to learn Stratego. Though that is still at work so we'll have to see how we go. I also learned a dear friend is back in public on her blog, so that was nice too.

In other news, Tilly is ill again - her back continues to cause immense pain without sign of ending and her iron levels are low again (taking supplements causes her to feel bloated and the tablets prescribed to deal with that make her ankles swell, her mouth go dry and her teeth to hurt - all of which are indeed listed as potential side-effects). Her work continues to bring in much respect etc so she's off with the narcissist at the moment.

And that's about it.

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