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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

London Can Take It

Interviews on the morrow. Maybe this time they will work. Not for me, as in, I'm not being interviewed: I'm on the other side of the desk again. We'll see. I've put my neck out a bit, see how long I can weather that and if I was right, augurs do not look good so far on that score.

Tired today at work. Set off with all but the Boy asleep. Sorted him with breakfast. Birthday morning for the Girlie, reason for her trip away with Tilly. This was done at 8.30am, before my work started, there was nothing about this until I rang at lunchtime, I got to wish a happy birthday but it was the Girlie who showed me pictures this evening. Tilly told me a little about the trip and something of the day on the phone on the way home. I hugged her, gave her a kiss, twice. It was suffered. And I'm back at April 2014 and nothing has changed really.

And work is hard when I'm this far down and in my gloom.

Before the children were in bed Tilly was working upstairs and on the phone to her mother so I didn't even get a warning that this was happening. I've barely seen her, okay, I had an early night last night and was sufficiently asleep when she got back that no conversation was had. That's on me. But tonight we had a brief discussion where we briefly shared our days, well, I shared mine and she told me all about the day away in some depth but without room for questions. Not sure what I would have asked. Not sure what I wanted from that conversation, or expected.

And that's been it. I'm going to go to bed. Tilly will have a bath after doing some more work. Then she will go to bed. And to sleep. Another day over.

Pride can be harsh. Perhaps I can scour it.

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