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Monday, 9 May 2016

Life is what you get when all else fails

Watching Grayson Perry's All Man on Channel 4 because Alice saw it and thought I'd be watching it as well. Left alone while the family was away over the weekend, Alice was just ready to talk the ears off anyone who'd listen this morning. I even got up on time and got some work done in the morning. Not enough, not what I'd hoped, but some.

Tilly had a good day. The Boy was seduced by a free painting session in a model shop and it has clearly grabbed him in a strong way. This evening he played soldiers in the garden with me, which was fun, and surprising. He clearly and keenly wishes to paint, to engage and to focus on the models and the gaming world calls to him because, like me, he's no fan of people. I read The Animals of Farthing Wood and he wants to paint aliens and suited space marines, seems pretty similar.

However, she's booked up, Tilly, with work and whatnot until 20th May. No more evenings off, she already regrets the last one - the hour or so we shared - as it has meant that there is so much she has to do now. I can relate. But she is still being productive, firing off articles and reading for her book and preparing to launch a website with her narcissist. I'm struggling to extricate myself from an online game that I am now severely holding up. I didn't really want to get involved in the first place and did so out of a misguided sense of being a good friend, I regretted it instantly and now regret it more.

That's it.

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