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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Clothes Maketh

It's the design on the white t-shirt here, but with a
grey background (the design is in white). It's even
Fairtrade cotton so it's sustainable and part of
being a good global citizen. And it's £3. So very
Today we had my father and his wife up and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I wore my Star Wars t-shirt and got complimented about it whilst shopping too, which was nice, and ruminated on why I wouldn't buy and wear a lovely cotton top from Aldi because it has a heart design on it. Actually, I love the design, but I'm not sure I could get away with it at home, otherwise I would buy it and wear it because it is lovely. But I didn't, and I received a compliment from a member of staff at another shop, so I shan't worry about it too much. The staffer was a bloke. But we don't worry about that. Been a hot day too, so going out for a walk in the sunshine was a good call.

Yesterday I was down in London for some examination training and it was another very hot day, I finished early and tried to go to the gallery in Trafalgar, but I wasn't really in the right frame of mind or something. I remember clearly having the thought: "You don't deserve to be here" - so that may be my current mood, who knows. No, the important thing wasn't London, not even having a swift half at the Harp, no, the important thing was when I got home. Tilly and I shared an Indian take-out and sat in the same room whilst we ate. There was no DVD, no computers and no books. We sat and we chatted for a whole 45 minutes before retiring to bed, where we talked for about 15 minutes and then that was that. We spent a whole hour together, alone.

Beyond that, there's been nothing else. I've failed to get any work done, that's about it.

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