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Friday, 11 September 2015

I'm so excited

And I just can't hide it

There's also a section where he stops being able to play the
game. It reminded me of Allie Brosh in that both instances
resonate. Is this what everyone feels, then?
I was a little over-excited actually, but my parcel arrived at work today. I'd ordered a replacement copy of Hitler: The Rise of Evil (because, even though the government is determined to remove the study of this from the examinations for, well, for reasons, I think it's an important parallel in these post-financial crisis days) which, apart from a small panic at the Dutch packaging, is good and working. There was also the Roots DVD box-set for the slavery course, which is a bit exciting too.

No, what caused me to lose my head a bit and actually 'squee' in front of students (though they were unaware of the reason) was the Grayson Perry biography. I read some of it whilst popping out to get Chinese with the £20 from my father because I can't stand the Mail and Sun that it seems all take outs supply for waiting patrons. I find this doubly confusing as the families that run them tend to be the very sort of people that these papers despise and, in at least one case, they are immigrants themselves - so why support a media empire that actively hates you? I digress.

The first few chapters are already very interesting. I did not have an Alan Measles, but I did have guerrilla warfare; I never did make Airfix models (I tried, once, and ended up with a ball of plastic cement and an unhappy looking floor for a half-track), but I did collect military themed toys of varying scales and time periods that would be thrown together; I have never had a shed, but I did retreat to my bedroom regularly and often, once disappearing so effectively that I didn't hear my parents calling me down for tea and they thought I'd gone somewhere else (I never did work out why they didn't check my bedroom before ringing all my friends' houses and sending out search parties to the local parks).

All that said, I lack the creativity already being referenced. I lack the practical skills of this man. I lack, in essence, the soul.


  1. Grayson Perry does seem to resonate with both of us. I'm a huge fan, as you well know, because he has a habit of making total sense. One of the things that always impresses me about his artwork is that even though it looks like a garish and obtuse monstrosity, it usually manages to connect on a very deep level with the people who've inspired him, people more often than not from outside the art world and all its ridiculousness.

    I need to visit this: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/grayson-perrys-dream-house/on-demand/

    1. He is a challenging read, in a good way. I'm nearly finished.

      I need to see more of his stuff, and his art work. I am grateful to you for pointing me in his direction in the first place or I would not have known, nor watched his stuff on taste or his guest edit of the NS. Thank you.


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