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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Something like this, the flames were more out of control than
this however.
Is lighting bonfires and then using them to roast marshmallows manly? If so, then I have been more manly than usual. A great deal of dry woody stuff was carted off our garden today and then put in a hole I dug in the ground and then I lit it and the children roasted marshmallows. It was a bit bigger at first than I had anticipated but the application of some decent wood told me that this fire pit thing what I made may well actually be useful for the cooking of dead flesh come the time. Yes, it has been sunny and warm and my mother-in-law is up and thus our children are looked after whilst I do the heavy lifting. Hence the title of this post, I am now smelling faintly of woodsmoke, which Tilly tells me is not necessarily a bad thing (and this after mentioning the fact that she jumped on me a few weeks ago, so that's nice).

We've been to and got back from my father's, which went rather well in the end. There were no discussions about home education, nothing on how we ought to be sorting support for the Boy's speaking and it was a very pleasant day all round. The children had been well-primed to behave according to the rules of the house, rather than our rules, and we ate around the table well enough and then went for a walk and a play in a local park. It was nice. It did mean I ended up sacking off the marking I was planning to do that evening, I am thus a bit behind. But I have had a decent ale (Mocha, if you're interested) today and so I can't complain. Tomorrow we head out on a day trip to a big town with a large cathedral.

I still stop and stare when I pass.
And that's all I have for the moment. I stopped in a few charity shops today as I went about the quick shopping to prepare for the arrival of Tilly's mother and had a look at skirts and things but nothing major. The urge is still there and I would love to get a top that isn't a blouse or a sweater but I'll have to find a way to layer effectively and in a way that doesn't make me look like a complete berk. Or, at least, that feels nice. There's a lovely wedding dress in one shop but I lack the means to even hope that it would be in my size. I wonder what it is about bridal dresses in particular that have me looking at them in such yearning. Or dresses full stop actually. I have no real compunction to buy tight jeans or leggings or jeggings or trousers, it's mainly skirts and such. It may be because there is no male equivalent to these items, but there may be more to it than that as I much prefer dresses to skirts and the longer the better (in both) so there may be something else at play there. I've blogged about it often enough so there's probably even an answer that I have forgotten.
Thus, here I am, still flawed, still wanting to dress and being unable but, otherwise, pretty happy and feeling like I spent a day well doing the garden. We'll see if I can keep this up and still manage to actually do my marking and not come a cropper in the new term. I had a dream with the usual scenario of worrying about missing teaching a lesson but, this time, the complication was trying to visit an island whilst living in a house that had bloodstains that wouldn't clear up, the cleaners were very apologetic, owned by the school. It was all dark, dirty and foreboding and I knew that Tilly and the children were coming to visit. I also couldn't find a copy of my timetable and was unable to work out if I was supposed to be teaching whilst sorting all this out. It was a pretty easy one to interpret.

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