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Friday, 10 April 2015

Family v.7.2

You know where I'm going with this by now.
Tilly's mother left yesterday, and I got to go out with some friends from work (I have friends from work) in the local town for a few halves and a decent chat about, well, nothing much. Today we went out with another home educating family to see some prehistoric monuments, and I enjoyed mentally destroying the chronologies and theories that were placed on the boards, and have a ramble in the wilds and the sunshine. It's been a good family holiday this Easter all round actually. The fortnight has been marked by broken sleep however on all sides and Tilly has foresworn all sexual contact.

Surprisingly common among people I know at work,
Last night there was a conversation about how couples interact when sleeping. I did not partake but I did listen with interest. There were couples that couldn't sleep unless they were hugging tightly, others that were always playful and silly and still others that "touched buttocks" so that they knew the other one was there but no more. All agreed that sleeping with a partner close by, in whatever guise, trumped sleeping alone and that physical contact was necessary. Indeed, the only debate was around how much, for how long and whether or not it changed. I was further surprised that all couples present spooned regularly, playfully and, from the sound of it, amusingly. Mind you, I did not say anything about my own situation so the others present could have been fronting and being liberal with obfustication or parsimonious with the truth, hard to say. It was interesting but also a little depressing. I think I hid that well. Apropos of nothing Tilly shared with me today that she has had her time of the month coming on for a week now and it's still not here. She is apparently back to being unpredictable and irregular following the problems over Christmas (which, by the by, has not been consistent as a position since Christmas).

Surprisingly common in our marriage. No, for once, I am not
identifying with the woman in the image.
I have to say, I am detecting a certain element of hypochondria in both Tilly and our daughter. Both of them have had headaches, upset stomachs, elevated temperatures and coughs for the whole holiday. I mean, so have I, but I haven't said anything about it. So has the Boy and he hasn't complained so much as joined us in bed twice and carried a bowl in the car when driving places. I think there's a split in the family with how we deal with illness and it is interesting to see that both of our children have followed the family member with whom they share an outward physical appearance in terms of gender. Of course, even I refer to them as the Boy and Little Girl, so it follows that they identify a binary in their parents and emulate what they see as being their destiny. Natural for their ages and the Boy is just coming into this, so his stoicism in illness, for example, is how he sees me dealing with illness and the Girlie's constant references to what feels bad and when and how much (with plenty of repetition and deployment at times judged to be best for getting something cancelled or gaining something) is modeled on Tilly.

Hmm. Nothing new here then.

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