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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Valentimes is Ser- Oh, you know

We go every Friday. It's nice. I have a social group. I have a
social group! Oh, to be second from left.
In the pub on Friday with colleagues I got excited about something. I'd had some caffeine at lunchtime and I knew that I was working myself into a frenzy when I did my lesson on Anti-Semitism with my class last thing (they suggested the link to Muslims in our society rather than me for a change, they've got to know how I work now). So it was that I found myself holding forth on my favourite random facts (the mayfly's sperm is longer than it is, there is a South American duck with a 20' long penis [coiled up], gannets don't have nostrils, Canis Majoris IV is so large that if it replaced the Sun its outer edge would touch Saturn, French sailors were literally buried at sea in the Napoleonic Wars by being buried in ship's ballast...). They suggested I write a book. Ha.

Apparently she's reading C. S. Lewis.

I'd read more if I could do it looking like that. It looks
remarkably comfortable. Proved by the fact that I feel the need
to remark upon it.
I haven't dressed. I haven't marked. Tilly has worked on her book in the afternoon. I have played at being a father, I wasn't really fully present. I have looked at some niche porn (forced feminisation captions if you must know) and I finally finished from last week. I'm getting less good at finishing, less in the mood to actually do what I need to do to get there. Is this how Tilly feels? Is this what it's all about? We discussed parenting and home-schooling and I am going to try and read some books above our daughter's level to be Daddy-daughter time and also to stretch her a little bit. I mean, she's reading C. S. Lewis level and picks her own books readily at the moment, so I figured some stuff I had when I was older than her would be good. I still need to mark books tomorrow. And there are trips to organise.

It is very nice. Alas, the place I got it from is all out (and at
79p a punt I'm not terribly surprised). I can get a case of 12
for £1.90 a bottle or I can get a single bottle from a local
pub for £2.20 - this is actually quite difficult.
I had two ales last night, they were very nice actually, Batemans Mocha. Very nice. I heartily recommend them if you can get your hands on some - it is surprisingly effective! Coffee and chocolate infused and you can really tell. It tastes pretty good. Tonight I have had an ale that was a Christmas present from my mother and it was more caramel. Nice, but I shan't be telling you to rush out and buy it. I also looked at Valentine's cards today. I don't know which way to jump. I can't bring myself to buy a card that states that Tilly has always been there for me, she hasn't and isn't, but nor do I want a faceless one that begs me to write a huge amount in it. I suspect an ale or two with a hot sauce or something will once again be the present, last year it was HP sauce and a card that was massive. I bought Tilly the toilet set-up, some live roses and some false ones (vases for both) and a card with a verse and one I wrote myself. In short, I was romantic and she wasn't. Do I decide to end my attempts now or not?

Yeah, this about sums it up.
I still passive-aggressively choose not to wear my wedding ring. She still hasn't noticed, or, at least, hasn't drawn attention to it. Difficult to tell these days. She's ill again, stomach upset at the moment that takes her to the toilet quite a bit after eating. Headache, as ever, and lots of sitting down to work - she's upstairs working on her book as I type. This came on over Friday and was broadcast loud and clear all day, I guess in case I try to make any kind of move on her after last weekend. I've been first to bed all week. Tonight will be no exception. I've rarely been awake when she comes to bed.

This is supposed to be about happiness and cross-dressing, I suspect I've developed again. Thankfully Femulate still makes me smile, Terri is still publishing fun-to-read commentary, Dee does what Dee does best and I know that there are people who read and care hanging around. It means a lot to me knowing all of that, it truly does.

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