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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Parallel Universes

A short post, but a positive one. You'll have noticed, no doubt, that yesterday I was particularly fired up and excited and enthused by the music from the Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2012. I have, of course, now downloaded many different versions because human voice and over one thousand drummers can never be anything but powerful and heavy. I listened to the music for the industrialisation bit maybe twenty times and I'm still doing it. This morning I even introduced my children to it whilst they ate breakfast and something of my enthusiasm infected the Girlie, though the Boy remained resolutely unimpressed (though even he stood still to watch the full 17 minute epic), so that was good. None of this is the point of the post.

No, after I posted and on the eighteenth run through of the music Tilly started packing up to go to bed, having spent the evening writing her book. She had done some preparations for her writing buddy to come and visit (and they are upstairs as I type plotting out a joint writing effort) and I had helped but it was now late. She stopped by me and sighed, we held hands a bit. Then the following conversation began apropos of nothing.

"It's one month today that I went into hospital," she opened, "I can't believe how ill I was."

I agreed, it had been a testing time. We briefly discussed the oddity of the Christmas period and the fact that in the week before she'd gone into hospital she'd barely left the sofa and been wrapped up in a blanket. Several of Tilly's friends have commented that she looks much better (she does) and she asked how bad she could possibly have looked. We laughed a bit and I assured her that she looked much better and with less bags under her eyes. I had been reviewing old photos of her and the children, some of them had been quite emotional to me.

Then she dropped the bombshell: "I'm on my period now, it's regular again," she started, "That's how I know it was a month ago, because I'd just started then too. I know.." she paused, seemed to search for the right words, "I know that it probably kick-started the whole thing a month back but, when I'm off the blob, would you like to try again? I think I'd like to try again."

She meant sex.

Pretty much my reaction.

"Yes," I said, "Of course."

And then she went to bed.

This morning she suggested that after her friend had been over and gone we could watch Secretary - so on tomorrow evening.

Have I entered a glorious parallel universe? I feel like I have
entered a parallel universe.

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