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Friday, 26 September 2014

Sport and why I shouldn't...

Before the coffee.
After a late night playing chess with Tilly, which she claims to have enjoyed (I did, for what it's worth), I spent a day playing 2048 rather than marking in my free time. Having had a coffee, always a bad plan, I had a fraught but eerily easy day. I went to play football feeling pretty good about myself and the world (having blocked some people on another forum rather than enter into arguments that make me frustrated in the morning). There I had a good time, I even scored a goal, and then near the end of the game I leapt up for some reason. And was accidentally knocked in the air, sending me crashing down against the wall, head and elbows cracking, and landing heavily on my left hand. Driving home was achieved by dint of adrenaline. And the car needs to go to the garage as something is loose and vibrating loudly an annoying (not whilst turning left, for some reason) and it's getting worse. Vanessa bounced in a ditch on the edge of a carpark at the beach over the holiday season and obviously something broke away and has been getting steadily worse. At present the whole car vibrates alarmingly and loudly over 15mph.

Aaand after.

Obviously, I've had a beer. I was almost surprised to find that a nice hot bath did my wrist the world of good too. But then I have a theory that humans must have evolved near hot volcanic springs - which is why we swim, bathe and give birth in water so well. Baby steps, eh?

Big bruise, and swelling...

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