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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Don't have to be...

Oh look, there's the blog title!

Happy to report that the wobble is past now. Doesn't mean the issues won't be circulating for a while yet but, for the moment, there is an equilibrium. It means I'm being fiercer with things I would ordinarily only be passingly frustrated with, but at least I'm not jumping into some dark gaping maw of numbness.

Tilly suggested playing chess tonight after she's finished writing. I am up for that. We haven't played any game together, not counting occasional games with children, since mid-2007. Is that a step forward? I still don't know what to do to 'woo' her and I don't think we're really heading to anything approaching a sex-life per se but I can't argue with the limited progress on being affectionate with one another. I mean, she's still not awake most mornings so my kiss goodbye is meaningless, and hugs are only used to say hello about 50% of the time. And I've been to bed earlier than her every night since work started back - which means I am completely asleep when she comes up about an hour or so later, so there's nothing happening in bed at all - but I can't complain.

Oh, I wish I looked like that playing chess.

That's it. Apart from a moan about how MRAs use Men's Issues like there's a thing big and important enough to derail conversations from issues affecting women. But that, like most things, is perennial and just on the right side of irritating that I can ignore it. I'm looking forward to a beer tomorrow.

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