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Friday, 11 July 2014


A frank chat, almost blunt. Tilly says I have misunderstood. Since then we have hugged, even in bed, and we have snuggled a little when I got back from work. We're still in different rooms on laptops and she's still too ill to contemplate doing anything (and has another Never Ending Period) and she still won't contemplate sex, but it is a start.

I have also begun brewing beer again, some fruit-flavoured stuff this time. It seemed fitting and about the right time of year fro something fruity rather than hoppy. Now I need to get some more components in to make a second batch as soon as this one is done. I may have to buy some bottles too in order to have one kegged and one in plenty of bottles instead. We'll see. Either that or a second keg. Hmm.

At work we've moved rooms, it's been tiring hot work in a high pressure hot patch of weather. But it's mostly done. My current teaching room looks sad and empty and the new one is a different shape and is a bit of a mess. No way I'm moving yet but, at the same time, staying in my current room is going to be difficult. With most of the cupboards and posters gone there's too much of an echo and I am finding it hard to operate. Odd how such little things make a huge difference.

I'm having a beer. Charge, by Marston's and inspired by elbow, which is proper little summer ale. Light golden and with a smooth malt and limited bitter hops. No review, you'll be glad to know, just an acknowledgement that I'm having it and that the marking season is thus completely done. Tomorrow we visit a museum, the Boy is missing the access to York's Railway Museum that we used to enjoy before we moved. Hopefully a visit to somewhere more local can avert complete meltdown.

Positive? Yes, I think so. We'll see.

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