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Monday, 7 July 2014


Back when Tilly first moved in I discovered, by accident, OkGo and their videos. This was about the time when they first went viral and before their stunts were all over advertising campaigns. I somehow managed to download one of their tracks (A Million Ways) and over-played everything I could find. Then, as these fads do, I forgot about them. Until just before I started marking.

Tonight I texted that I was coming back from work. I got an enthusiastic 'yay' text back from Tilly. I thought that, maybe, that would herald a positive evening experience. No. I came home to an ill Girlie (most likely tired actually after her show and no surprise) and a Boy who was also tuckered out. Tilly was writing cards to family and showed me where tea was. I warmed it up and came to eat with the family. Bad move. Tilly was clearly irritated by my eating (she hates the sounds that eating makes, so I should have seen this coming). Then she left me with the Boy. After I got the Boy to sleep, Tilly complained about feeling ill (for the third time this week) with a new ailment and has sat online in the bedroom ever since. She's not having an affair, I know, but she does spend more time online with her writing buddy than she does with me in real life and the relationship has passion to it that is very much missing from our interactions. I'll be honest, I didn't even bother trying for a goodbye kiss this morning when she was awake - she hasn't given one (or received one happily) since before being pregnant with the Girlie... 2007. So, yes, this song seems somewhat appropriate.

I know, I know, this blog isn't supposed to be about my marriage but I am finding it hard to focus on anything else at the moment.

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