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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Jamming signals have been broken for a moment! The Revolution speaks!

*sound of gunfire*

My apologies, fair reader.

Yes, this year my annual sojourn into the world of marking has all been online (and still is). Unlike previous years where I have squirreled one or two extra posts away I didn't plan ahead and, unlike last year in particular, the switch to paper marking has not freed up time to be updating this blog. That's not to say I am completely snowed under or incapable of getting online it just means that if I have a browser open I have my marking up too.

Roden's The Thinker versus The Graduate?

Or is this a pastiche on the development of mankind from
our common ancestor to primates?
I mean, I have been posting in a forum about sexless marriages, but mainly it's been repeats of points on here. Why? Well, mainly to support other people and also to get a fresh perspective that is not tied to the cross-dressing on this blog (not to diminish or in any way call into question the views I have here). Unsurprisingly, the views are the same, but I had to check it out, you know?

Also, if ever I decide to share this place with some friends of mine (and I am still considering it) I don't really want my marriage to be the main focus of what they read.

Well, no, quite like that.
I've also done the Nazi lesson a few times. That takes a lot of mental preparation (I'd not realised how much I don't think) and with examining at the same time, along with reports and taking over a new area of teaching at work, with a trip (you know I hate school trips) and birthdays... Well, yes, my time has been pulled in different directions in a way that I don't think this blog has ever witnessed.

I have bought a lovely black and red dress (black velveteen top, some kind of semi-stiff shimmery fabric in red for the skirt) and it fits. But... well, I don't make it look terribly good. Increasingly I am of the opinion that the dress I got waaaaaay back I can make look fairly decent (provided one ignores my bearded visage, mono-brow and bad hair) - in fact I look better in that with a stuffed bra than I'd wager I look normally. However, this dress may not be as flattering of either my figure or my arms or something. I like wearing it (managed twice) but I don't pretend that I look anything short of appalling.

Why, yes, I am the eldest.

Yes, I am identifying with the female.

Yes, I wish I had been her.

What of it?
My brother and his wife have failed to recognise any family (well, my family) birthdays since the Girlie's last year and a quick exchange of texts showed that they were a. aware of it and b. unwilling to discuss it further. It's sad, I have made something of a point of doing stuff for my brother's birthday (he's missed three of mine now) and for his wife's birthdays (they have never recognised Tilly's) and now for his daughter's (my niece) but they've missed two of the Boy's and one of the Girlie's now. I shouldn't be surprised by this, our family has had a pretty crap time with birthdays generally and I think both my brother and I were glad to be shot of the whole politics that surround them. Equally, at my wedding I screwed things up several times by not inviting him to be Best Man (I was his, and I think he regretted it) and I don't think that's ever been forgotten or forgiven. After a string of dubious relationships, one night stands and one affair, my brother went hardline Christian (well, Pentecostal) and I think he and his wife also judge me harshly for a. living with Tilly before marriage; b. having the Girlie before marriage and c. supporting gay rights generally.

Right, back to marking...

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