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Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Listings

Last year I posted about some of the wonderful people and places that deserved more than my pithy remarks, but got only them in return for making my life a much nicer place. I intend, because I owe something, to do the same again. The recognition is necessary.

The first of these wonderful people is, as it was last year, Leslie-Ann who has been full of sense and sensibility (my apologies to Jane Austen). Leslie is a great person who has shouldered much in her own life and supported her family in ways that I can only dream of, she has challenged me when I have been too harsh or too black and white and she has been the voice of reason in the heat of my emotion. Equally, she can provide emotion in the deserts of depression. For these reasons alone I would count Leslie as a great friend. Only the separation of a large body of water would stand in the way of us being friends in real life as well as online and so I offer her thanks and gratitude.

Then there is Terri, whose infrequent blog, though infrequent, is a place that I still have a hard time not taking as my own. She has shared many experiences of my own, though we have never known one another or met. For this reason, if for no other, I can recommend going and seeing what she has written about her life and tribulations. I would wish that there were more frequent insights but for the fact that I know that such things are not at the behest of onlookers, only in the gift of the beholder. Thank you, Terri, for sharing what you have and I wish you well in this 2014.

Of course, no write up would ever be complete without Dee and the blog that bears one of the best puns in the TG world. Her insight and attention to the craft and history of captioning is welcome to those such as myself who seek such things. She has created a safe place for the sharing and discussion of ideas that are relevant to our interests and is welcoming to dickheads like myself who blunder in to conversations with little insight and a greater belief in one's own importance and originality.

Of course, there is Calvin, whose journey this last year was mostly shrouded and yet no less inspiring, interesting and challenging for that. We all know of the caption site and some of that journey can be found there and that would be good enough for anyone wanting to know more. Thank you, Calvin, for being you.

There is, of course, Stana whose blog continues to be a place of joy and interest and who has, by the by, put me on her vaunted list of people that she links to. I am deeply honoured, as always. And Rhiannon, whose recent comments here and posts on her blog attest to her tenacity, integrity and struggle. But also her heart and her courage. It is with respect and deference that I name you here dear lady. Ah, there are, in fact, too many to mention and I've been watching Game of Thrones and with a pressured bladder. I shall have to admit defeat and leave the list unfinished.

Then, of course, there are other sites that keep me going that I have mentioned before now. Things like Limited Audience and Contemplating the Divine and Boys who became Girls.

I leave this post with these images, because I should like to be the female in each and every one:


  1. Thank you for the acknowledgement Joanna! While I would never dare speak for Dee, I can't imagine that she's anything but happy and excited to have you join in her conversations. Everybody is welcome, but you bring a wonderful insight whenever you chine in!

    I have to also say that I love your photo selections. While I can appreciate each as a fantasy, I see you as the second image. Not just the pretty curtsy and lovely outfit, but that bashful yet radiant smile. Yes... that's how I picture you!

  2. You are very kind, miss. It's your raw emotion and elegant turns of phrase that keep me coming back.


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