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Sunday, 1 September 2013


I look nothing like this. However,
on her face there is an emotion that
I can identify with at the moment.
However, there is still the off-putting
element of me being away from my
family. No dressing can remove that.
I write in my rented accommodation for my new job. My house purchase rumbles slowly onward, meaning that I have had to leave home and find somewhere to live for at least the first couple of weeks of work. I have found a lovely little holiday cottage for about £300, with bills extra. For this I get an awesome kitchen, a nice room with a telly, a shower room and a bedroom. Not too shabby. It's about 25 minutes from work, but may be quicker when not following a car that thinks a steady 40mph is good through 50, 60, 30 and 20 limits.

Anyway, this means time without family. On one level I am horrified and scared and very sad. I am also deeply stressed about buying a house, starting a job and looking after my lonesome again after so long. However, I am currently wearing my first heels (well, wedges), my floaty and twirly skirt, a vest top, my favourite knickers and my collar. This is not only helping it is positively bouncing my mood. I am essentially doing what I should have done when I lived alone in the house we are now selling. I have worn my boots or my wedges since I arrived and that has been wonderful. I had almost, but not quite, forgotten how lovely this feels and how much I enjoy being in a skirt and in shoes that force my heel to arch. So far there has been no sexual element to this, it just feels natural and liberating and, well, nice.

Yes, I have solved the new laptop issue too and I have properly working broadband at this new place, so this place can have some lights on again, huzzah!

I have much to talk about, as I'm sure you can see, but right now I am going to leave this here and enjoy the remainder of my evening. I intend to sleep in a nightdress tonight and may even have some spare money to invest in new items for my wardrobe.

Oh, there was one other bombshell.

Oooh, look. I want that blouse.
And hat.
And hair.
Before setting off to my new place today Tilly revealed that she knew I had kept some of my feminine wardrobe in my rucksack when I chucked stuff out. I do not know how she worked this out. She was not angry about it, but suggested that I should use the rucksack rather than storing these items in there. She also intimated that discussion of the cross-dressing was not totally out of bounds for ever, but was at least off the table whilst we move and sort things out - which seems fair enough, the last thing either of us need with me away from home is something else to take up headspace.


  1. Being away from the family must be awful... but at least that bad nugget of reality is surrounded by such good things... dressing up, wearing heels and the possibility of having a longer discussion with Tilly!

    1. You're not wrong!

      Still, video conferencing being what it is means I still get to see them of an evening!

  2. Holy cow! You buried the lead there, Jo. Interesting tidbit about Tilly that puts many things in a different light. Glad you didn't get a damn good whacking, unless of course you wanted one.

    1. I'll be honest, I'm not sure whackings from Tilly would be the fun kind.

      I still don't know what to make of it all, hence the burying, there's been nothing since then, of course, and, so far as I know, Tilly doesn't know about me dressing when away.

      Glad to see you around again though!


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