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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Is this blog...

If it weren't for the fact that this is not
our little girl then this would be our
little girl.
Catherine came round with her daughter today. Tilly and I decided that a day off was needed. Our Girlie is not taking the concept of moving very well, she is angry and pissed off at us. Our normally well-behaved and grounded little girl is now a waking nightmare with hitting and kicking and tantrums and rudeness... If she knew any swear words then they would be applied liberally, as it is we just get called 'naughty' and 'poo' a lot (we don't use either word very much, so they are 'forbidden').

We visited where we are trying to live with a view to finding a house on Tuesday. This did not go according to plan mainly because Tilly and I were unable to have a conversation about any of the places we were looking at. Every time we tried our Girlie would kick off with either a. random commentary, descending into tantrum if told to wait or even if we answered; b. straight out tantrum about some made up problem, which would shift if we fixed it (example: she was thirsty and wanted a drink NOW, we supply drink, now she's too HOT and we DON'T CARE and her brother is a NAUGHTY little BOY AAAAAAAARGH) or c. start hitting us / her brother / things. We tried everything short of bribery and threats, and we did those too in the end, but nothing really worked. She does not want to move and we can't reason with her like we normally do because she is not prepared to listen to any of the reasons we have for moving. I can relate, I really can, but it made life very hard for the two days we were away.

Did I mention I am jealous of women generally? Really?
Well, I am super jealous of the red head who
gets to play Knightmare. Bitch. Who I want to have the
babies of.
Oh, and Lord Fear. Hi, Lord Fear!
The Boy was similar but whilst on a walk in the woods with him last night and talking about the move he seemed to make his peace with it. I have no idea why or for what reason. However, we now have a new problem as he has decided that he no longer wants to live in "Mine silly ouff" and wants to move and live in his "shpeshal ouffsh". For the uninitiated this translates to the fact that he finds our current house a pile of shit and wants to move to some other house that he has chosen to live in but has not deigned to share with us.

All of which meant some placatory gestures were in order. So Tilly called up Catherine and she brought round her daughter on a play-date. Catherine and Tilly talked moving and using burly men to transport furniture and Catherine and I talked Knightmare (see my last post). It has been a hard week, we needed needless fluff and we were served well by Catherine who saw the need and adjusted accordingly. None of which is the point of this entry. Yes, I have points in my blog, honest!

Turned up searching for "supah Secret", so, I guess this is
something where people are supah secret? Supah Ninjas
No, the point was this. I have shared with Catherine that I have a supah secret blog (this place) that seems to have people actually reading it (thank you again for so doing, it really means a lot to me). This is in stark contrast to my public blog that has a single follower (my brother) and averages about three pageviews a day at the moment (mainly from two spam sites desperate to get me to click back). She also tried blogging, got bored and retired to Twitter. I shared some of the stats from here (of which I am proud) and when Tilly was out of the room Catherine inquired as to whether I was "sex-blogging".

Now, bear in mind that Catherine knows and I have spoken of this before. She is the only other human being in possession of photos of me en femme and one a very select few who have seen me dressed (ostensibly as part of a bet that she couldn't make it happen, only she and I of the few who saw it knew that it was a bet she was always going to win; and she has helped maintain the charade of my 'shame' about it ever since). So, she potentially has an inkling about what I am writing and why I would want to maintain a secret blog in the first place.

I guess what I'm asking, and I am asking, is twofold:
1. Is this a sex blog?
2. What would be good examples of sex blogs that I might peruse to understand them?

Oh, and I guess one final thing, should I supply the address to this place to Catherine? I am half tempted, but it's been a long and shitty week with only one spectacular thunderstorm, so I could be delirious.


  1. I'm sorry your girlie is having such a hard time accepting the change Joanna. If I'm remembering my developmental psychology course correctly, childhood is an almost constant change as everything experienced is 'new' and offers little opportunity to grow accustomed to before something else 'new' is introduced or something that was a relative constant is changed. A mistrust or even dislike of 'change' isn't unusual and I'm sure with time (and more than likely not all that much time) she'll come around and embrace her new home.

    As to your questions, I actually find it difficult to answer. In one way, yes... this is a sex blog. You talk about your desires to cross dress and your feminine persona. As both of these things blur if not completely cross the gender line then it must be considered a 'sex' blog.

    But on the other hand, you aren't writing these things to arouse or titillate your readers. You are simply anonymously sharing a secret part of your life. You could be just as passionately sharing your secret desire of Indian food or Italian opera... it wouldn't change the tone of your posts or the feel of the blog. The only difference I can think of is that your secret desire is something that many in the 'main stream' society consider taboo.

    So.. I guess I wouldn't consider this a sex blog. It's a personal blog.. a secret personal blog. And to be honest I'm not sure what I would consider a sex blog. Many of the blogs I follow ARE about sex, but they are very specific fetishes that I would more easily define them as TG blogs (or cross dressing blogs or sissy lifestyle blogs...) before I'd label them as a sex blog.

    And just my last two cents... I think you should let Catherine know. If she already knows about your dressing, then she may get to know you a little better through the thoughts and ideas that you share here. I obviously don't know the full extent of your friendship, so if there is something here that you don't want her to see then yes keep this blog behind the curtains.

    1. Thank you for your reply! I am really pleased to see you about here and, well, yes, thank you.

      Dead on with the change thing, children hate change in my experience and our Girlie is no exception. We cheated today by getting my Mother-in-Law involved and the two of them wandered around one place while we checked out another.

      Thank you for the input regarding sex blog. I see your point. And yes, good point, I think I follow most of the same blogs too, I was wondering if they counted as 'sex' blogs.

      Finally, I agree with the Catherine point. It's nice to see others coming to similar conclusions!


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