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Sunday, 21 July 2013


This is a short one as the family prepares to check out a new place to live and see what houses we want/can afford and hope that the overlap is there.

I read with some conflicting emotion about Caitlyn/Calvin's good news getting a job and subsequent feeling that their online life was not as much a part of them any more. This means that they will be going on indefinite, potentially permanent, hiatus. This is, of course, all good but for the fact that many readers and online friends will now be bereft of such a character. I make no claims to being an online friend, merely an interested and sympathetic observer to whom Caitlyn/Calvin made insightful comments.

Imagine my honour and surprise when finding that Dee's thoughts on the matter involved me. And, yes, she was right, that is precisely the sort of thing I'd like to wear. I hope she doesn't mind me posting the caption here. Click it to go to the right place to see plenty more!

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