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Friday, 7 June 2013

From the Front Line

I'm leaving my job. I am actually leaving.

Like, I know, right?
I can't quite believe it, nor the slightly undisguised glee from my boss that I am going - from letting everyone she knows know that I am going to rearranging the timetable to divorce me from any students I have taught long term - but this just reinforces why I am going. It scares me that it came to be as it is now, under two different bosses, and how much I was blown away by praise at where I'm going.

I smiled less than this but the weather was this good.
I'd love to have dressed this way, and the hair too...
Never gonna happen.
Add to that two weeks of massive work on the house to prepare it for sale (painting, tidying, gardening etc) and you have a recipe for an odd fortnight at the best of times. However, it is also the time of exam board marking, which I do, and the time of strange things to get one's head around in time for the new school year. So it is that I haven't been on here, or on any blog in this lovely community of TG folks, much in the last fortnight or so. Unlike last year I haven't stacked up posts in anticipation either, nor did I end up dressing for the online meeting like last year, because it was all packed up and away and I was cold so didn't feel the urge once the family were out. Or maybe I've been less stressed?

I don't know if the song is appropriate but I found a CD of stuff that I was listening to back in 2006/7 and I've been playing it in the car. It seems that my musical choices back then were a tad more upbeat than they they have been for at least three years!

Maybe this will become an ode to my new job? I hope so. I'm looking forward to moving, I'm looking forward to the challenge of a new job and to working with people who won't be looking to sack me or deliberately undermining my performance in the classroom. At least, I hope they won't. I worry that two people, who did not like one another, came to the same conclusions about me and my professional effectiveness, I worry that perhaps they were right in their assessment. I worry because, if this is true, then moving to another job won'tr prevent a similar outcome.

At the same time I am reminded that the new place saw my bog-standard lesson as outstanding because of a few of the things I do as standard in most of my lessons and praised me highly for my honest and actual plans for what I intend to do as Head of Department. I am buoyed by the stuff Gove has been bleating and the controversy because the place I go to has ignored most of it, has focused on what I think is good teaching and has got outstanding in the last few inspections as a consequence. In short, I am torn between being happy and sad and bitter all at once.

I am trying not to think of my leaving speech. And I've a had beer. Spitfire about which I think I've written before...

EDIT - Didn't realise it had been that long. Tilly passed her driving test, of course she did, and the kiddlies have been very good, considering their parents have gone a bit mental making the house ready for sale.

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