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Saturday, 11 May 2013


A new avatar? See what I did there?
In popular culture there is a bias against knowledge, against study and learning. Instead there is a presumption that the best way to be is through intuition, through a connection that comes from 'emotion'. It appears that those who distrust academia, who distrust the learned as peddling some secret knowledge and education as something that can only go to those who are special and gifted, different; they see what I am as different, strange and to be tamed. We are weird, we are powerful, we are everything that they are not.

And there is something yet alluring about the idea that knowledge is a barrier. People confuse knowledge and education. They see them as interchangeable, that one is the other and vice versa. But they aren't. One can know many things, virtually everything in fact, but that is no barrier to learning more or finding out something different that can change your point of view. Rather, it is those that refuse to learn or refuse the extra knowledge, who trust most in what they term 'intuition', who have the biggest barrier to unknowing and to changing how they view things.

However, the way in which schooling works is counter-intuitive, for we teach our children to be academically dependent and that they are always being watched. We stunt their development and we refuse to support them because we, ourselves, were never supported and our sense of fairness refuses to support others. We train sleep and we train obedience and we train ignorance and aggression of thought. I am no better, I am just as aggressive and just as ignorant.

I'm watching Avatar and it is hackneyed and it is deceptive. Our hero is a clever man amongst savages. It typifies how we view the 'savage' way of life. It is more Rudyard Kipling than I think I would like. Well done, but Rudyard Kipling nevertheless.

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