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Thursday, 23 May 2013


I shall be back to elucidate further, but it's going to be a jammed few days and I want the date recorded right here. This is my honesty blog!

Oh, very me right now!
Today I had a job interview. I found the school that charmed me and excited me back in 2003/4 except this time I was cast in the role of my old boss, before he went mad and when he was visionary, and... Suffice to say at this moment in time I was wowed and the team there made it clear that they wanted me for the job. Because of me. No management bollocks, no tick boxes - me. My personality and my temperament and my teaching style (I was told my lesson was outstanding - I haven't been told that since 2007!). They wanted me. They wanted me. They wanted me. Him Upstairs seemed to be smiling on me today, even made me have a good cry on the way home. It's been a long time since that happened and I missed it. I may be a year behind our Five Year Plan from 2007 but He waited for me.

He waited for me, and I am grateful He did.

So, I guess the next bit's pretty obvious!

Also this. The slightly embarrassed and scared look
is pretty much how things feel right now too. I can't quite
believe it, or the work that will need to be done.
Of course when they offered me the job, I accepted. But it is a big upheaval. Two hours away from where we are now, we'll have to move. I've uprooted the whole family, after consultation with Tilly, and we'll have to start again with everything and build our friendships all over again. We'll have sell, in the words of Placebo, the hole that we call our home.

Lots more to say, but this'll do for now!


  1. YAY!!!!

    That sounds so wonderful Joanna! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Congrats! Do you start during the summer with lesson plans, etc .. or do you get a bit of a holiday before you start?

    And once again ... WONDERFUL NEWS!

    1. Thank you Dee!

      Luckily it's a September start, time to actually get a place to live down there and prepare what the chuff I need to teach. So... time to prepare rather than a holiday, the vagaries of the UK system.

      And yes, it is. Scary, but... yes.

      Thank you!

      Joanna x

  3. That is wonderful, Joanna! And even more so that you are getting out of your soul crushing current job. Very very happy for you, doll.


    1. Thank you Leslie. *blushes*

      It is a good thing!

      Love in return,

      Joanna x


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