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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Yeah, I'd do that. With the bag and the hat and... well,
wouldn't anyone?
I once, as a child, imagined a vehicle with a single wheel in
which the driver would sit and balance... Want it.
I saw the video. I want to do that. Motorcycles have always held a special fascination for me because of the compact nature of them. In much the same way as I love the concept of sleeping in a very small space or a camp bed or something I would like the concept of riding a motorcycle a great deal. There's a freedom to be had, I think, that simply can't be captured elsewhere. I mean, there's a cycle, and I respect that, but the distance of a powered cycle can't be beat in the same time. It's a combination. If there were an affordable electric cycle for which I had the legal paperwork to drive/ride then I would use it for the daily commute. Seriously.

However, the video is also about adventure and danger. I may not come across this way normally, but I once leapt into a plunge pool at the bottom of a waterfall because the leader of the group asked if anyone wanted to. To this day I have no idea how far I jumped or how deep the pool was. Neither was, or is, important. The important thing was that I had the chance and I took it. Like caving and going through a cave I could only just fit through because it was there and I was told I could or running as long as I could in unfamiliar landscape because I was allowed. I want this. Something like this. I went camping in the U.P. in Michigan because there was no one else there. I loved it. I walked along Tahquamenon Falls because I could. I would have gone further, camped with no camp site, because, God, I love the unknown in that sense. The freedom. The liberation.

So watch the video and oh God yes.

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