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Friday, 1 March 2013


How I'd like to be right now
My grandmother finally died last week, on Sunday. It had been coming a while.

The Boy has been having bad sleep too, since his leg is now healed, and so I'm back in his bed until he settles down again. On the one hand, it's kinda cool that I get to spend that time with him as his Dad, on the other it sucks ass because I don't sleep if he doesn't and I lose about an hour trying to get him settled enough so I can come downstairs and do work.

The funeral is on Monday. I have sorted out work, but it's a ball-ache. And I'm on a trip on Wednesday. I hate trips. Too much stress and worry for me. I'm also being rather irritable at the moment. Hence the short sentences. And the bitching.
How I've felt all day

Tilly and I have shared no more than a hug since 14 February. Most evenings we spend apart on laptops. Again.

Still, am now part of the unofficial working group to keep our new starter off the RADAR and make sure support is in place but without making any overt moves to make it so - behind the scenes support: if she doesn't know we're doing it and no one else does, we're on the right track! I think that's a good thing. I hope it is.

Am wanting to dress. Or buy a new outfit. Or something. May have to settle for something.


  1. My sympathies on your grandmother, Joanna. You already had a lot on your plate.

    You will be that little girl's guardian angel. That's a great thing.



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