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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Changing Images

I was reminded today of how much there is on this blog that is very negative and how much I have moved on. Firstly there was a very thoughtful and forceful comment left on a post here (Discovery, in case you were wondering) and secondly my son broke his leg.

The woods behind where we live. Snapped with my
poor quality phone camera.
Sums up yesterday well enough I think.
Second part first: the Boy was playing in the snow, left over from our snowmageddon yesterday when even my place of work was closed (we went and bought sledges and the Girlie got rather addicted to it, as did Daddy before leaping over banks of snow on a plastic sled made my bottom sore), and the Girlie hit him at speed on a sledge. No one could have done anything about it, there was no blame to be apportioned anywhere, it was one of those things. I was called back from work to take the Boy to A&E and we were well looked after by some really good staff who eventually discovered that the reason the Boy was in pain was a spiral, or toddler, fracture. He has a cast on and he and I will be sleeping in the Big Bed tonight. The whole affair, with a wonderfully well behaved Girlie and the coming back early from work, reminded me that, as a family, we can be pretty groovy when we want to be.

Mary Magdelene was the first human
to see the risen Christ for Pete's sake!
She was, arguably, the first apostle!
And an ex-prostitute. The Church forgets
this (a woman bearing testimony in a
society that did not trust the testimony
of women as standard) at its peril!
Then the first part. The comment was, of course, correct. There may be guilt but it is ultimately a social construct. I agree. What I find consistently fascinating (and it is one of the reasons I believe in religion) is the fact that guilt is one of those things that my own monotheistic faith strives pretty hard to eliminate and yet, when it comes down to it, most proponents of my faith are pretty friendly with the concept and actively encourage it! Also gender roles. Again, reading the bibble as I do, I see a counter-historical document - that is, a document that actively rails against the social mores of sexual and gender repression of the day whenever it gets the chance. And yet Christianity, my preferred flavour of religion, is often in amongst the pack when repressing sexuality and gender! All fascinating to me.

Basically the argument went that the huge guilt I felt back then in 2011 was a little unjustified. It was good to hear (and has been said often enough on here by plenty of right-minded folks) and a little uplifting too. Of course, again, it is correct in that regard. Much of the guilt I experience regarding dressing is self-created, after all I do it in secret and without the knowledge of Tilly or anyone else, and so I create my own guilt quite well.

It's just a lovely image. If I could dress
like that, I'd want to look like that.
In essence, I believe myself to be a very different person after the last few weeks than I was when this blog was started. Which brings me to the point of this post - my changed avatar. Don't know if this is noticeable or not, but I have invested in a new image to more accurately sum me up that is not nicked from a porn website (to my knowledge). I like it because the picture seems more 'real', less air-brushing and more at ease. Much like, I suppose, my mood at the moment.

And that, I say quoting Forrest Gump, is about all I've got to say about that. For the moment. :)


  1. You know, I think that's something that we do far too infrequently. Change avatars. I've been using the same for a long while, and used the one before that for even longer. I can't even say that the avatar represents what I think of myself... it just matches the cutesy name 'masked' well.

    I hope your mood continues, as I really enjoy reading about you being happy!

    1. Thank you, that means quite a lot!

      I hope it continues too, though I have a propensity for letting too much slide when in a good mood, so I have to watch my work rate.

      And changing avatars is something I have done... uh... just this once. In most online incarnations I didn't even bother with an avatar in the first place, allowing me to make the oh-so-funny comment that I looked just like my avatar. :)

  2. Oh, dear, faith vs. Religion?

    I (don't really) hate to pick nits, Bex, (actually, i can be, at times, quite good at it), but I would like to throw a few pence worth into the mix, RE:

    "Mary Magdelene was the first human
    to see the risen Christ for Pete's sake!
    She was, arguably, the first apostle!
    And an ex-prostitute. The Church forgets
    this (a woman bearing testimony in a
    society that did not trust the testimony
    of women as standard) at its peril!"

    The first sentence IS supported by Scripture.

    The last is a reasonable take-away in light of "church" history.

    The second may depend on one's valuation of certain writings which lie outside the (accepted) canon(s) of Scripture.

    The third is an assumption promoted by early (2nd-3rd century) "church fathers", having NO support in Scripture.

    (the image you posted of Mary looks remarkably androgynous to me, b.t.w.)

    Sad is the fact that leaders of the "Christian Religions" have so failed "their" Christ in the reading and understanding of His Word(s)! Establishing, for nearly two millennia, regimes not unlike that of the Chief Priests and Pharisees so instrumental to the crucifixion of our Lord, who rebuked the religious leaders of His day for holding the teachings of men above the Word of God!

    Please, Bex, do exercise faith in Christ! I would caution against much adherence to religious doctrines, however, as they are built more on the understanding of men who were taught by men who learned from men... ad-infinitum... and so-on, than on the Word of God.

    Studying The Bible for what it says taught me that, certain doctrines, (of a congregation in which I was being considered to serve as a deacon, as well as whole sects of "Christianity), are outside the dictates of the Scriptures they claim as their sole authority. Thus, departing from their observance of religious tradition, my faith remains in Jesus, The Christ of God, who is just and merciful, while many who claim to be His do Him grave dis-service in their words and deeds, having failed to discern His Spirit apart from the teachings of their fathers.

    I'm sorry, dear, all that not aimed at you as any more than a caution from personal experience and study.

    Anyhow, I hope the boy recovers well & quickly! I broke a leg ice-skating, long ago & far away, so my sympathies go out to him, and you, surely!

    I'll cease the ranting for now, dear, except to say that; Yes, the "mainstream churches" have gotten much wrong for very long, and fail to recall from whence they came.


    1. Of course! Thank you Elle! I love it when people nit pick on the religion stuff! (No, sad to say, really)

      I realised a few errors after I posted too!

      Firstly, yes, the whole ex-prostitute thing seems to have been first recorded in the third century. However, they seemed to know it without confirmation, scripture is pretty silent on the subject - tradition? Very Catholic I guess. Mind you, my point was not to denigrate but to further enhance the story - perhaps a little far.

      Also, I'm uncertain of language here, there's a term specifically meaning "witness of the risen Christ" (I think it's apostle) which is why I asserted the second sentence that you brought up. I still find it fascinating.

      And yes, the image does look rather androgynous, but it was the closest representation I could find to a woman from the Middle East. Most pictures of Magdelene seem to place her as remarkably white. Or medieval in dress.

      And yes, there is that whole Faith vs Religion debate. I don't know, ultimately. :) I have a fondness for the wishy-washy-ness of Anglicanism, for the strange debates it can have and the very real faith I see in the ministers I have been lucky enough to meet (I'm sure that's not always the case in religions in general). Protestantism may have claimed "sola Scriptorum" but Anglicanism borrowed from Catholicism's addition of 'tradition'. *shrug*

      I so totally agree with you on the Just and Merciful bits. Justice often appears bizarre to those who profess to support it in positions of power I suppose - not you, referring to the Church. And yes, the historical and European (and non-European for that matter) Churches have had many issues. Part of me respects the fact that they've never given up and struggle on, part of me finds it wearying that it takes so long. :)

      Thank you for your comment - I love food for thought like this!

      Hugs to you, m'dear!

    2. Hugs back, Bex! Oh, a lovely new image, b.t.w.!

      A line comes to mind from a delightful romp about pre-renaissance sports heroes. "..."The Pope may be French, but Jesus was English!" ..." seems an apt summation of thought processes that still hold sway to this day.

      Believe me, The Anglican Communion are not the only sects which carried non-scriptural baggage out of Rome. Most of Protestantism in the Americas hold-fast many of the blatantly false teachings constructed by a political entity for the subjugation of the masses and the amassing of, in its heyday, un-paralelled wealth & power.

      There may be little difference in the denotations of 'faith' and 'religion', however, my personal perception is thus;
      'Faith', apart from the New Testament definition of, "...the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen..." Heb. 11:3(?), speaks of the individual's personal relationship with and understanding of God.
      'Religion', embodies the two-edged sword that brings some to commit deeds of mercy and compassion, while driving others to commit acts of the most heinous crimes against humans in, supposedly, the name(s) God(s).

      In short(?), we are, I believe, on the same page in this respect, my dear, Rebecca. I'll consider busting-out the 'Strong's Concordance & Dictionary' (yes, I 'speak' King James) later today for a better look at 'apostle', though, I expect you are correct, which makes mention of Mary being the first of the apostles an accurate statement. My apologies for the error on my part!


    3. Hey, hon! Sorry about not getting back to you with this sooner. Spending much time in the Scriptures has not been a driving aspect of life for me in recent months, (as may have been surmised from my earlier comments about having an unbelief in religion while still holding faith in Christ).
      Toward that end, I have not studied the 'witness of the risen Christ' topic to arrive at what one word might represent its summation. Here, however, is the definition of "apostle" as expressed in,
      "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible" (and Hebrew, Greek/Chaldean Dictionary);
      Greek keyed # 652
      From G649; a delegate; specifically an ambassador of the Gospel; officially a commissioner of Christ (“apostle”), (with miraculous powers): - apostle, messenger, he that is sent.


    4. No need to apologise, I've not responded either!

      I speak NIV mainly, but your point stands. Interesting, in which case, I think I stand by apostle on the grounds that Jesus seems to tell her where to go and what to report (though heavy reading between the lines is required for that one). That said, I shan't be reading too much into it!

      I'm not too good with my Bible either. Mind you, I do now know where Magdelene appears and where she does not - which makes much of the controversy from Dan Brown beyond moot - something I already knew but it was nice to see it confirmed thus.

      Aaaaanyway, long story short: Magdelene is a good lesson for many of those in positions of power amongst organised religion to bear in mind. There are plenty more, and I'm sure more obvious ones, but as a throw-away point, she will serve.

      My thanks for checking! I lack religious dictionaries :(

    5. The Woman at the Well / "Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone", seems to be an oft and grossly unpracticed teaching of Christ!

      As for the works of Mr. Brown; while I wouldn't put it past the Roman "Church" to be up to their miters in numerous conspiracies and aims of continued world domination, there are plenty of works of fiction which contain facts less specious than those purported in his novels.

      Lastly this. Just looking through Strong's and my Thompson Chain Reference Topical Study Bible (K,J,V,). What seems to be the nearest term I have found is 'martyr';

      Greek 3144
      Of uncertain affinity; a witness (literally [judicially] or figuratively [generally]); by analogy a “martyr”: - martyr, record, witness.

      which appears to be the form most used in N.T. reference to witness of/by The Lord, as in:

      Act 1:22 "Beginning from the baptism of John, unto that same day that he was taken up from us, must one be ordained to be a witness with us of his resurrection."


    6. Ah yes! I remember those. THe latter of the two my NIV tells me was not in earlier manuscripts and appears to have been added later. However, I find it no less in keeping with the whole life of Jesus as related, so it's possible that it was simply oral tradition being written down later.

      And you win on Concordance!

      To think I used to work for a religious book seller!


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