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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A question

Short post this evening.  Just a quick context and a question.

This is the one.  Both children love the
scene where Elizabeth falls off the cliff
at the beginning.
Came home from work, which is still fraught and shitty, to find the Boy in a ballet costume.  He'd demanded to wear it, apparently, and was very happy with it.  While Tilly and the Girlie went to actual ballet, the Boy was keen to twirl and show me the costume before settling to watch steam trains with me on the internet.  He refused, point-blank, to have it taken off then or before bed and only consented just now because he was too hot to sleep.

There was also an argument twixt Boy and Girlie earlier in the day about who would play Elizabeth Swann in their game (Tilly introduced them to a heavily edited version of Pirates of the Carribean earlier in the month - first scene, then Jack Sparrow's arrival in Port Royal, optional sword-fight with Will Turner; then the ship chase scene 'til the Interceptor explodes, optional island scene 'til rescue and finally the last scene where, and I quote Girlie, "Jack Sparrow doesn't have his head cut off" until the credits - our children are addicted).  The Boy was adamant that he was Elizabeth and Girlie was Sparrow or "Commadore" (Girlie thinks that's Norrington's first name).

Why is it okay for the Boy to behave like this but not me?

Or, more broadly, why does society seem happy to tolerate cross-dressing in boys that are very young (the Boy is just past two) but not adult males?  (And I've made the distinction as loose as I can there, as ages for either differ wildly between different social groups)

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