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Thursday, 6 September 2012


It's been almost a week!  Work has sapped my energies of late (poor diddums) and last night was comically bad as I fell asleep taking the Boy to bed around 8pm, woke at 2am to sort myself out, and then slept until 5am, like normal.

Ah, I remember that feeling.  It was nice,
is that why she's smiling so?
Aaaanyway.  I've had a post in my head since about Sunday about shaving because that was the day I tidied up my beard.  I decided I couldn't shave the whole damn' thing off but I did want some of the lovely feeling I had the last time I shaved.  So I tidied up the edges and shaved off the islands of fuzz that proliferate off the coastline of the main continent of hair.  All of this means that the beard is well and truly back, around a full inch in length for those of you that like to keep track of such things.

But, predictably, it got me thinking.  I like my current shaving regimen - inasmuch as I have one - with the rub down beforehand and the shaving gel rubbed into a lather.  Even the razor is nice and I quite like the feel of the skin afterward.  Indeed, in the run up to going back to work it was most relaxing.  And I wondered: what is it about the removal of body hair that engenders such feelings?  Do women feel the same about leg and underarm hair?  Hell, would I feel the same about that?  One thing I do know is that way back in late 2005 when I shaved my legs I really liked the feel that was left afterward.  I loved the fact that they felt silky soft, yes it's a cliche but it also accurately reflects what it felt like, and the fact that they, well, shone.  I also loved the experience (I did it in the bath too as the shower was broken) and was most upset when the hair started growing back.  Also sanguine though, I was, and remain, worried about people seeing the fact that I had hairless legs - which brings me onto the next few points.

This could actually be my belly button, but
it isn't.

First of all, the hair itself.  This is something that human beings have arrived at through much evolution and therefore it must serve some purpose somewhere.  If that is the case then the removal of the hair is a ridiculous thing and I should just let all my body hair grow all the time, maybe tidy it up a bit here and there but otherwise let it grow wild and free like African Lions (#Born freee....#).  In other words, if bare skin were truly more desirable then it would already be bare, right?

Riiiight.  According to this I'm at stage
2, but with considerably less hair...
Then there's the societal gubbins, and here I'm saying nothing new I know, in that I am expected to have hairy pits and legs and back and chest.  The fact that my hair is rather restricted in these areas (one or two on the back, around the nips and not a lot else) is a source of 'badness'.  Oh, the ribbing I got in school over that when everyone else hit puberty and got proper hair and I did not.  I mean, okay, my belly button is hidden by what looks like the gorse bush at the mouth of Hell and my legs resemble the woods that surrounded sleeping beauty's castle tower (according to modern illustrated fairy tales) but it is a 'bad thing' for women to be hairy.  Now, there's an article you have probably read that does a good job of explaining why women shouldn't have to be smooth and can have hair too.  Which is all well and good.  It's here, at the Vagenda (clever name).
But here's the thing.  What if I would rather like the alternative to be true - why can't I shave my pits and legs?  When I have related the above to people they tend to go with the "hair is minging" and "urgh" route that the woman in the article above discards.  But I agree.  Not for 'women' - I only don't like the scratchy feeling on Tilly a couple of days after she's shaved, either side of that point is fine by me...  Actually, the hairy side of that point is better for rubbing her legs, when hairless my wrinkly hands of doom get caught by suction, or van der waals forces or something.  Anyway, I digress, I prefer the feeling of my own legs (can't comment on pits) when they are hairless.  Not enough to shave regularly or use an epilator or, you know, do anything - it's not like it vexes me constantly - but after that experiment back in 2005 I do know that I prefer them smooth.  And despite the fact that I publically disagree with the "urgh" and "hair is minging" on the grounds of Feminism, as in the article, like a good sympathetic male I can't help but agree with the sentiment for my own situation.

Aren't you glad I'm back posting.

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