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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All work and no play

Well, kinda.

Of course I am going to that interview on Friday if for no other reason than it will make a great story to tell afterward.  How many people go to job interviews on foreign soil through armed checkpoints in the United Kingdom?  I'll warrant not many and even fewer who can do it and still be home for tea.  Also, there is still that lingering part of the younger me that collected 1:72 scale miniature soldiers who would dearly love to see what a real military base looks like from the inside.  I suspect he will be very disappointed but I have to let him see it, just this once, right?

In the meantime I have been hard at work.  Mostly.  I can be honest here, I have been working hard enough, I suppose, in that things are getting done and, so far, I haven't dropped any of the balls I'm juggling.  The meeting with my boss turned out to be mainly administrative and therefore I'm counting it as a positive thing.  Means that I have plenty to do, of course, but I'm sure that's the same for anyone in, well, work.  The fact that I am lazy and strive to do less rather than more in my work life is probably what stands in the way of things being on an even keel.  To explain, the time I've had when I've not been working on an evening, and there has been plenty, I've spent playing SongPop or just surfing the internet at random.  I haven't even taken Dee up on her rather good suggestion of leaving five comments when online.  I may try that tonight, but I've had a glass of wine and worked up til 9.30pm so maybe not.

I know, 9.30pm.  Lazy bastard.  Mind you, in the old days I stopped work at 9pm.  Okay, I started at 6.45am and worked through til 6pm when the caretakers chucked me out, then I'd have tea and work from about 7pm to 9pm before surfing the net on dial up (dial up!) until 10-11pm.  Still.  It's hardly working all the hours God sends or anything like that.


  1. Jeez, I wander off for a while, pop back on and you are talking about me again! LOL

    Sometimes being busy is a good thing, you know that saying about idle hands or something.

    Well, I hope you at least end up with a few good stories about the job interview, and even more so, that you have the choice of taking it or not taking it. Options are a delicious thing to have, unless you hating making decisions.

    The military bases around here have all the best scenic views, and what sucks is you aren't allowed to take pictures!

    1. It's because you say such important things... Or you need to take out a restraining order...

      And yes, options are the best drug outside of teaching. The military base was in a nice place, but not terribly good views in comparison to my youth - so less envy. It was... a good experience!

      And thank you.


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