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Monday, 9 July 2012

Positive parenting

I can recommend this as a transportation method that
also allows for bonding.  Our's is a Beco but the Boy
is slightly older.
Usually when I talk fatherhood on here it is to complain and to say bad things.  Not so this time.  Yesterday was Tilly's madness.  She organised an event and there were lots of people there and, as is now pretty standard, that means that I look after our children.  I think we were both expecting the worst and as Catherine had agreed to help out we arranged for me and Tarquin to meet and share child keeping duties.

My boy was packed into the carrier and we set off on a walk that turned historical along some city walls before reaching our destination.  Tarquin was late and clearly the worse for wear - he was more tired than I think I've managed over the last few weeks and I'd had an energy drink.  The upshot was that I ended up in charge of all three children while he was ineffectual all around the edges.  But we had a great time.  I thoroughly enjoyed being with my children who, in turn, enjoyed the day.  We listened to a story-telling session, looked at exhibits in the museum (no, really) and played in the park.  Even the walk home, a little much for my daughter, was good on the city walls again.

York has city walls too.  Looks an old view to me though.
You get the idea.  Daughter loved looking through the
When we returned to Tilly the children were tired but happy.  I'd go into more detail but they both napped today before I got back from work, meaning that neither of them are yet fully asleep and I've crashed from yesterday too.  I was going to have a beer, post here and finally start catching up on other peoples' blogs and such but no, instead, I'm sort of having an early night and posting briefly.

On Saturday evening I went alone to set up the hall for Tilly's event, mainly heavy lifting and tables and posters, and my only regret is tht I didn't take my rucksack.  There was no one else there, I was on my own for two whole hours.  I so could have worn my boots and my dress to do the work and it would have been lovely and relaxing and liberating.

Wednesday I have a ridiculous support meeting at work.  I'd rant about it but I am rather tired.  Of it and also generally.

Pants, I was going to write more.

Oh, to look that good when drinking.  Hell, to look that good.
All I have to say is go check out the work of Elle, it was a lovely surprise in the heat of working last week and a nice caption just generally.  She says it strayed from seriousness into silliness.  I'm not so convinced...

I wonder if I can find a way to have a walk and a beer while dressed?

Ah, really more tired than I had hoped, so I shall draw this rather short entry to a close.  Battles rage to decide which is dominant at the moment - happiness or worry - happiness because there are people who take the time to comment and say lovely things, and I seem to be doing good at work and home for a change, and worry because it's when things are going well that I mess things up the most.

I leave you with an image I stole from Limited Audience, I would love to change places for an hour or two, maybe a whole day.  I can't explain why but it would be liberating.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day. I hate to show my green monster, but I'm so jealous of those with children. Not because I want to 'live forever' or re-live my childhood, or so that I can have an honest excuse to occasionally play.. but for times like you had there. Just spending time and helping them grow and become wonderful people all the while making them believe that they are just out having fun. That would be so completely satisfying.

    I hope that happiness wins that battle, as it seem that you more than deserve it!

    1. Thank you, the sentiment is hugely appreciated.

      And yes, children do allow the meglomania to show in more socially acceptable ways than the laughter and the ranting and the urge to tell potential heroes your entire plot. Indeed, all three of those are positively encouraged when dealing with mini-versions of you and your breeding partners (or adopted, they resemble parents in mind after all).

  2. I miss days like those. The kind where you get them so overwhelmed with activity, that they just sleep in the car, you carry them right into bed, and they are out for the night!

    My daughter is going into senior year of high school .. though she did get selected to finish her diploma in a college setting (college class = full year of high school) so she can get a head start toward a degree. She's still trying to decide what to do.

    I love her at every age she's been, but I think age 9 was the best, because she was understanding sarcasm and the subtleties of language and inflection.

    I do my share of worrying, but at this point, I have to hope that I've instilled enough life skills and thoughts about right and wrong that when she's confronted with a tough issue, she'll give it deep pondering.

    Just remember, no matter how good of a parent you are, they'll still blame you for how they were raised. If you don't believe me, think about how your parents raised YOU! LOL

    1. Oh absolutely. I intend to own the scarring that I'm doing. I am nothing if not a Socratic parent... not sure I'll be having them conjugate verbs and philosophical observations or committing suicide to prove a point, but yeah, they'll blame everything on me one day.

      The museum was their choice. Our friend was the issue there. The Boy is particularly enamoured with such things as were on show and gets upset we can't go every day - no, really. Daughter likes it, but can happily play elsewhere too, so it's swings and roundabouts.

      It's funny how children generally change, develop, but remain exactly as you remember them when they were born, regardless of age.


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