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Friday, 18 May 2012

Beer Review: Thoroughbred Gold

It's beer o'clock in my household.  A long and irritatingly difficult week has drawn to a close.  Another week of pain, not in a physical sense, beckons and I've officially missed the chance to go walking in my boots and dress before the nights grow too light.

Tonight's choice was Thoroughbread Gold, because it was on offer.

The first sip of this told me it was going to be strong and powerfully flavoured.  I realised that I'd become a bit of a beardy ale drinker when I recognised the flavour.  Sure enough, it has Fuggles in it.  Lovely taste, strong kick and a nice easy drink at a 3.7% ABV.  The colour is indeed golden and the light play is great if you give it a moment.  So, an attractive drink that tastes like it wants to go out for a meal or a long walk.  I can imagine this being the start of a journey rather than the end.  There's something medieval about it - like mead.

There's a satisfying fizz to the beer that was poppy without being fizzy or overpowering, it kept it on the tongue long enough to get a flavour and keeps the stomach contentedly warm when it gets down there.  A good smell, not too heavy and not too yeasty, allows you to take long slow swigs or quick sips between dialogue on the telly.  I can see why they call it 'thoroughbred' because it's a quick beer.  Best way I have to describe it.

This is better than the bitter I had last week but sufficiently different to Leffe that they aren't in competition.  It's a summer beer - enjoy in the sunshine, under a tree, with company that need not be too close.  Have a laugh, play a pub quiz, maybe risk a pound on the slot machine but don't expect to win anything - do it for the laughs you'll have instead.  Much the same as the beer itself: understated but nevertheless good to have around.

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