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Monday, 9 April 2012


First post since Easter.  First post with the new blogger format.  It looks cleverer but does much the same thing, and the formating issues are still live.  I blame my browser.  I also can't view animated .gif files, which is a pain.

Of course I like the image, it's bloody feminine.
Been to my Father's for Easter, took the kids.  I'd previously splurged/vomited at him over the 'phone, so he was anxious to say something about the whole work situation.  Well, no, his wife told him that he had to say something (did I mention my parents were divorced?  I'm pretty certain I did).  So, he did.  In the nicest way possible he summarised my issues as the following:
1. I don't listen;
2. I don't answer what I'm asked (I'm too wordy);
3. I talk too much;
4. I think I am the big "I am";
5. I have no people skills and
6. I need to work harder.

Well, I guess he's right.  He then poked fun at our daughter's accent in that 'playing to the gallery' way he has and zoned out due to work e-mail on his mobile a few times (you don't get paid monthly what I get in a year in the civil service unless you're a workaholic or a Freemason, and he hates Freemasonry with a fiery passion undying).  I'm not being kind to him: it was a good few days and my family had a great time.  He meant well.  And, yes, he's right.

Not a lot else to add.  I haven't worked on Reality/Shifts and I have much work to do in the next week.  I've done fuck all today too.

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  1. Well, it's apparent where you get your harsher side!


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