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Saturday, 25 February 2012


It's likely to be another double update because the first thing I have to do, and I've been a bit rude for not doing it sooner, is thank all the people who have been reading my ramblings over the last week.  There was something of a spike in my pageview stats last week that shocked me a little.  Also, it flattered me, and even galvanised me to request my first caption.  And comment more on the blogs that I enjoy reading.
I guess this says that I live to serve.  Inasmuch as that can be true
of someone who started a blog purely as a personal thing to store
thoughts off my work laptop rather than on it...  Ah well, it's a nice
picture anyway.
So, thank you extra readers, you flatter me by your mere presence!  Also, many thanks to those of you that have chosen to follow my blog.  I know I said that the point of my blog was very much personal but it is very uplifting to know that there are people that actually read my bloggings and want to hear of updates.  To you I am particularly indebted.

It is largely as a result of this, and some following of rabbit holes, that I am considering part of my creative attempts to become a caption.  Now, don't get me wrong there are too many excellent caption makers to mention who do the job exceptionally well for me to even try and make it a regular thing, but maybe one will be fine.  Also, I can't promise that it will even be slightly good.

Can you tell I went walking in the woods with my daughter today?  I always feel better having walked in the woods.  Consider this, then, a curtsey in appreciation.  Thank you.


  1. Hi, Joanna,

    Just getting a feel for the terrain, but I think I'll be a regular visitor. I do find the title of the blog a bit mystifying, given the compassionate letter attempt, but I will allow it. Carry on.


  2. Hi Leslie,

    First of all, thank you for the comment. Second of all, you're right, I'm not very good at living up to my blog title. Call it an affirmation or a goal to live up to.

    I am going to try the compassionate letter again, maybe next time it won't be so negative. But you are right, I'm supposed to be tracking the positives on here!

    I'm glad to have you as a reader and hope I justify your attention!



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