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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Short Muse

Wish I could do that.  No, really, I do.
I've never really thought of myself as all that creative.  I mean, I like stories and I've always liked writing them, but I never really connected that with creativity.  Not in the sense that I realise most people use the term.  Most people have the sort of ideas that I have when it comes to writing and the like, they are truly creative in the way they do things, whereas I feel that I've now had all of my main ideas.  At this stage practically everything I do is derivative in some way, either of things that I've already done or the work of other people.  Yet, because I'm me, I remain hopelessly devoted to the idea that one day I will be able to write a novel.

This is an inspiring picture.

Work has been odd.  After some stormy exchanges I appear to have come out, well, on top for once.  I don't think anyone is actually pissed off with me.  This can't last.  EDIT - Ah, and it didn't.  It's come up now, those awful meetings before Christmas, we're back on to them.  Stress ahoy!

On mindfulness, I managed to remain emotionless before, during and after my shower this morning.  Is that an improvement?  I think it is.  Vanessa Mae helped me imagine my safe place last night but I didn't really visit it. I'm not sure I'll be able to do so tonight either, but at least I have the music playing in my head.  I rediscovered Disco 4 in my car too, which offers some rather good driving music.  If you're a fan of Pet Shop Boys.  I also pre-ordered Format.  Since when do I pre-order music?

I have lots of work still to do, but I want to sit and do nothing but imagine things.

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