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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gender defined roles and Valentine's Day


Okay, why is this only something
homosexual men can enjoy?
One of the things that really irks me about relationships in general and romance in particular is the underlying assumption that women are the ones to be wooed and men are the ones to do the wooing.  My wife wears make-up and skirts and that is making an effort for me (which is sad, she looks stunning without these affectations) but it is expected that I should offer to run her a bath or supply her with flowers and chocolates as well as dress more smartly if I want to make a similar effort.

What if I want flowers?  Tough, that ain't gonna happen.

I can't get past the idea that this would
be my wife's reaction to giving me
a blow job.  Nor blame her if it were.
Then there's the fact that when we were enjoying the physical side of our relationship, perhaps enjoying is too strong a term, I would happily go down on her or masturbate her to climax.  Indeed, I was keen that she orgasm at least once and definitely before me (purely on the basis that she, as a woman, can do this and be good to go again quicker than I, as a bloke, can be without some form of training).  But, for my own purposes, she would never touch me anywhere that was sensitive with her hands.  She offered a blow job once, when drunk and before we had had sex, indeed, pretty early in the relationship.  I turned her down, quite firmly, on the grounds that she would not have enjoyed having done it in the morning.  I wish I hadn't now, it looks like the only chance I'll ever have at having one.

So what if I want a bit of sexual pampering, I'm a man: simple things are required - a bit of missionary position, maybe her on top, and that's yer lot.

Another self-serving rant brought to you by the man that wears clothes designed for women to get off and doesn't even notice when his wife wears skirts and make-up to look pretty for him.

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