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Sunday, 1 January 2017


Happy New Year to you all!

I haven't been posting but the new year deserves some recognition. I know that many people I know have had a pretty rocky 2016 for one reason or another and I know that many people I don't know have had even worse years this last one. However, I firmly believe that we should all continue to strive to make the world a better place, to shine our very small lights in a world of increasing darkness and help others to shine theirs.

Our lights may be small, but they are important. And shining them will encourage others to shine theirs. Shine enough and others will join you, because light can be comforting when  the outside is cold and dark. When the cruel winds blow all about and the night claws its way past the curtains, when lights are snuffed out by the millions, thousands, hundreds, tens and singly... it can feel as though, to stay safe, one must douse your own light. But don't. Even a candle can be seen in a storm and the tiniest LED can depict hope for a lost traveller.

I, for one, pray that we can all provide at least our own light as the world darkens, as the forces conspire against decency and protection. Because 2016 was not a malevolent force, it was a numerical depiction of a period of time in which foundations were laid for larger and more terrifying things. If History as taught me nothing else it has taught me that now, more than previously, our lights are important. And we may be snuffed out, but we must burn brightly until the end, and not be ashamed.

Love to you all,



  1. Hope you have a fantastic 2017 Joanna xxx

    1. If it is half as good as the time you had around the turning of the digits it will be fantastic! Happy New Year Rhi!

    2. You can get there girlfriend! Still SO want to meet with you in 2017 - one of my NYE resolutions! Can I tempt you with craft beer? Even if I drink girly wine!!

    3. I am always temptable with beer, craft or otherwise, and there's girly ales too (though wine is perfectly acceptable). And yes, that sounds like a great idea, will have to arrange something somehow!


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