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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Get Better

I recently rediscovered Scroobius Pip. There you go.

Unrelated images hoah!
Also, Heartgear on Deviantart (apparently) produced the kind of comic strip experience I wish I'd had when I was younger. Hell, when I was at University would have done. You can find that strip's first episode here, and it's well worth reading through a couple of times. First just to see the story, which is pretty good actually, then to read the commentary along side, which is pretty illuminating. And then a third time just to see what was done again. After that, well, you may or may not return. I was amazed by it and I still am. When I consider what I could have done and did not, well... Anyway, yes, there are also videos by the artist and they are also worth a watch, though they were less immersive than the comic strip. Trust me when I say that the strip is relevant to our interests and that it gets better.

Work has begun again and things is mostly fine. I'm struggling to get work done away from work, despite having moved to a charge at home model for my EV (so no more driving out to the local service station for a rapid charge where I always thought I would get work done and then totally didn't, which increased the stress levels last year), but it is early days yet. Tilly is doing well giving me space and time which makes me feel a bit guilty as I am still just as shit as ever at doing that sort of thing back in a meaningful sense.

More unrelatedness
I think I've related already about reading Aspergirls and it struck me then, and afresh today, that much of what is described in there has a bearing on my own lived experience. The article that I shared in my last post about staying in the closet resonates here too. I find it fascinating that a book in which the Aspergic author points out the inherent dispensation of culture by Aspergic people, and makes a case for gender being mostly constructed by society, suggests that there are gender differences (and all of them seem a tad forced, like the author doesn't quite believe that there are but has been told there are and has no evidence to the contrary). Also the whole androgyny thing, yes, I can relate with that more than I can with the idea of being fully dysphoric. I mean, I'm not saying I wouldn't like to try but that's just it, I would try. For that reason, whatever else is going on with my gender, I cannot speak for nor about the struggles others undergo on these points.

I read Robot Hugs today, all about consent castles, and that made me a little sad inside. I suspect that's a function of my own naivety in romantic relationships. It seems that loads of people, and our culture, expect a great deal more adventurousness than seems to actually occur within relationships. Or, and this is equally possible, people don't talk about it and so appear equally staid. We had some friends up over the summer and I recall that Jeremy, for twas he, had disclosed to me back when deciding whether, in his words, to "take the risk" of falling for his now wife that she had offered to do "whatever he wanted" in the bedroom. Occasional unguarded remarks suggest that this is something they still do after two children. Now, I'm not suggesting that I would want what he has, I wouldn't, but it does contrast starkly with my own lived experience. But a lot of things do.

Anyway, yes, work is going fine at the moment, despite low grades, and we'll see how the rest of the week goes. I'm heading back to where I used to work for a beer festival this weekend, which could be very nice indeed. I mean, I'll be in drab, but beer is beer, right?

Animated caption from the internet. Sorry, no attrib.


  1. Ah, was it me who introduced you to Scroobius? It's a shame they keep interrupting him in this video right as he was getting his flow going!

    Glad you are flitting about again. Same here, though I was still able to post semi-regularly over the summer even with issues knocking the family about to and fro. Seems like your life has gotten itself a bit more balanced, and I hope it stays that way too!

    1. It was indeed your good self, Dee! This was, apparently, one of his mini-projects. After a burst a year or so ago he seems to have gone quiet again.

      And thank you, it's good to be back, ish!


  2. I put it to you that the pictures, though unrelated, are actually related, in that they represent exactly how you want to feel.

    I'm only saying this due to being back at work myself, which means I have many of my work anxieties that also need to be expressed in my trademark ways. Summer breaks can be weird like that.


    1. C'est possible on the images - certainly they were unrelated to my text. And the last image was the best I could find for a new curtsey image - I do so hate repetition.

      I relate on the expressions of anxiety but I appear to be free of most of that of late. Just beer, the internet and time.



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