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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sing Hallelujah

Colour me surprised.

Pictured: not Sink the Bismarck
After the soul-searching of the last entry, Tilly decided that she would "stop being angry at me" and accept that I was unlikely to change because I am Aspergic. Furthermore, she has decided to stop hoping for all the things that neuro-typical people offer. This has accompanied a change in our relationship to a more positive physical note. I'm not complaining.

Yesterday I was off examining, so I need to get on with that now and will post here even less than of late. But I was welcomed home. I even got presents that were appreciated for a change. There was a lovely brewdog beer shop there too, it was London, but I eschewed buying ale on the grounds that it was a bit expensive. Rare, but over-priced even for that, though I am now ruing the fact that I didn't get some Sink the Bismarck in - it's an ale that has 41% ABV, making it the strongest ale in the world and beating a German brewery who brewed a 40% ABV ale (hence the name).

That's not the point. The point is that things have improved. And that this state of affairs is not down to anything I have done or not done. Like most things, it is out of my control.


  1. Yay! Things have improved! So what are you going to do about it now?

    Evil question, because teacher, but you know how these things work. Stretch and challenge...


    1. It is a good question.

      First of all, try and enjoy the change. Second of all, try to keep it going. Thirdly, I have been reading and watching huge amounts of stuff on being aspie. I am very aspie. Like... I'm a poster-child for it.

      I guess... I guess I have to put up with things being My Fault even if they're actually not. Case in point today: I brought Tilly the wrong charger, she was upset and then got angry because I got flustered and worried (there was no way to easily fix the error, nor did I realise it was an error until she was upset) and then got aggressive when I tried to ask what I could do to fix things - and blamed me for the problem, for her anger, and refused to countenance solutions. Once she'd calmed down, by shunning me for a bit, she explained that she had to remember I was aspie.

      What, exactly, should I be doing?



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