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Monday, 2 May 2016

Better Without

Something akin to this. We've been to three of them in the
last two days. Something the Boy has been very happy about.
Two days alone with the Boy come to an end tonight, sometime after 10pm, when Tilly returns with the Girlie. As I was sorting him out for bed, the Boy offered the following judgement on the two days: "It's better when we don't have to talk to them [he explained that he meant Tilly and the Girlie] because we can do more!"

We have been to a park today before going to see a film, then an afternoon playing games (we played draughts and chess, the former I couldn't believe I hadn't played since before University!). Yesterday we went to a park in the morning, then had lunch, charged the car and went to another park. Where it rained, so we went to soft-play and had a late night. For the Boy, I mean. We saw Jungle Book, which I enjoyed, but there were a few too many nods to the original animated film for the Boy to really get into it (and, is it me, or are all the new children's films a bit jerky in plotting? They lack the flow of films I've been watching, I don't like it). I suppose that's what it takes to be exciting for the Boy. I'm not complaining.

Stock photo land is so bizarre. It'll do
 as an approximation.
In the park today there was a couple with two children, slightly younger than our two - their eldest was the Boy's age - and I watched them as our children played. She was playfully swatting him, he joined in, and then they snuggled, kissed, and then hugged, companionably, for about fifteen minutes. Then they left with their children in tow. You know, Tilly and I have never done that out with our children. We didn't really do it before we had children, so I guess that was never an option. Playing chess and draughts too... Tilly and I played chess for about a month but then Girlie happened and then we've played once since. We briefly played Settlers of Catan after Tilly got it for me, but it doesn't work too well as a two-player game. Imagine, having the time to play games together. Tilly hates playing games with me: I tend to win. She doesn't want me to throw the game, but apparently she hates playing with me because I can win convincingly and then she feels like crap. For the record, I'm not very good. Eh, I'd be the same if the roles were reversed, I guess.

I might have an early night, Tilly's train is late and she won't be back until gone midnight. I've failed to work and an early morning might salvage something.

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