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Friday, 18 March 2016


Today was non-uniform day in support of Sports Relief. And, after the stresses of an interview for a new colleague yesterday (that failed to appoint but took the whole day), it went well for me. I was called compassionate again, supportive and also complimented on getting better at making accurate and swift impressions. This latter one confirmed by most, if not all, colleagues. Lessons also went well. I may have had an ale last night too. It was a good one, and not one I have reviewed, twould appear. Mud City Stout, in case you were wondering. Worth it. Will have to get more in this weekend if I can.

Yes, I'm reusing an image. As the focus of this posting is not so much my ale but the whole thing about non-uniform days and dressing up. I have a bit of a reputation for turning up in my normal work clothes and threatening to dress up as a Soviet soldier (complete with sword) but having only the one acceptable dressing up option (my other is NSLB Teacher with armband, not exactly a good call outside the confines of my Nazi lesson) does rather get wearisome.

Awful picture ruins the loveliness of the skirt.
Anyway, obviously I woke in the middle of a dream about dressing for non-uniform day. I could wear my blue gypsy skirt and find a top to go with it. Boots underneath, you know the drill. But I don't actually have a top to go with that skirt - see the photo for proof. Also, and this is a bit of a killer, I'm not sure I could really go the full cross-dress at work. Or anywhere else. It was a nice fantasy though, and it confirmed that I would really enjoy going 'public' if I genuinely thought I had the social capital to do so. I do not believe that I have enough at work and, well, at home I suspect it would herald the end times. I eventually went with my Star Wars T-shirt (it has Rey on it) and jeans with a jacket, because nothing says frustrated cross-dresser better than completely innocuous male clothes.

My good teaching friend has shared some writing too, and it is qualitative. Yes, it steals a joke, but it is a good joke and a cleverly wordy one too - which I think just adds to the writing chops. You can see what you think by clicking on the blog list over there on the right, the one from L M Williams.

And I'm on an ale again tonight whilst Tilly finalises her article on Isabella. Yay.


  1. Thanks for the link, and the feedback. I also have the fantasy of outing myself, although as a submissive rather than a cross-dresser. I've even written a couple of confession letters, where I out myself and offer my services to friends, neighbours or colleagues. A fun and humiliating little writing exercise, but I'd never actually do it in real life, because while I understand, and lots of people at work would probably be completely fine, the tabloid press would have a field day.

    Still, a society where submissives are publicly identified and gently exploited sounds pretty wonderful. I might make it into a story, but I've got the HGS to do first, then the really horrible one, then a sort of science-fictiony Gattaca sort of thing.

    I think too much. But yes, I don't see coming out as a viable option. It shouldn't be like that, but I fear it is. Not very comforting, but there you have it.


    1. You're welcome.

      And yes, I get your point. I rather suspect that actual outing is not viable in current cultural climates. That said, dressing up is a good cover. Perhaps one day.



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