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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Joanna's Musings

This beer festival.

I wasn't in this picture. Obviously. Though I rather like the
attire on show on the right there.

Of course I do.

I haven't really dressed in ages.
I went to a beer festival on Saturday, a night out with plenty of ale on the Friday and have spent much of the week so far without a voice and struggling to keep up. But keep up I have. Despite my deliberate creation of a standoffish and emotionless persona for teaching I have been approached by a student as confidante - all above board I must add, I am now the official 'school contact' for the student in question and I ensure all that is said is passed to the relevant people (and the student knows this). It's been odd. Tonight I was accosted by the student and simply listened to them for two hours as they shared their trials and tribulation, there wasn't a lot to say. I was, however, struck by how similar this student is to how I felt when I was their age. The fact that this student is female is also of interest to that part of my brain that ruminates on personalities. Academically and in family situation I am sure we are very different, the latter I kept vague and the student was not inclined to elucidate in their spewing of various issues; they wished to talk relationships but I was able to keep that incredibly vague. The point is that I am a pair of ears.

Well, aren't we all.
No, my point was that I realised that this student approached things similarly to how I would have approached similar issues (some of which I have not had). On returning home I checked out a Book of Faces meme quiz thing - could it guess my age and gender with ten questions? Well, no. It guessed I was 27 and female. Others posted, mainly females, suggesting that it was telling them that they were 27 and male. What does this say about the company I keep or the quiz? Nothing. The quiz tells me nothing. Of course I liked the fact that it told me I was female, you could argue I was half-hoping for such an outcome. Having done some planning work tonight (and the night before last planning for an observation that didn't happen in the end - not a bad thing, oh how different this is from where I used to work!) I feel that I have actually worked for a change. I'm still struggling to catch up with marking but I suspect that I can keep up somewhere. I was hoping to do some marking in the two hours I lost to the student today, but hopefully that was time well spent in terms of investment - this is a clever student and the support may help them stay the course a bit.

I have that glass too!
Now I have a chocolate lager (Hog's Back Brewery in case you were wondering, Montezuma's Chocolate Lager and it is very nice) and I am contemplating hitting Fictionmania. Been back there a little bit more than of late and found just how much I still enjoy some of the stories on there. I long harboured a wish to write my own piece in payback for all the time I have spent there but it never happened. I am even less inclined to write now than when I gave it all up. What, with Tilly on her second book (and writing articles for national magazines) and a good friend of mine now writing an actual novel on Smashwords of the pornographic variety - and likely very good porn by the by - I increasingly feel like the plain Jane of my social group. Another friend who nanos much also writes and submits work, with varying degrees of success, and has actual beta readers. I, contrastingly, have yet to finish a piece. The last one, St Avril, was written in 2001 and updated in 2002. It was also pretty shit. I revisited it in 2005 and trimmed it a bit but it remains heavy and soulless. All pieces since then are just unfinished and in varying states of abandonment.

It is intriguing how little I feel the urge to write now. Or to read. I sort of gave up reading this time last year. I've read one complete book since then (The Martian) and one biography (on Grayson Perry) but not much else. I just... I just don't see the point.



  1. Can we run a trans beer festival (or would it have to be wine?) and wear lovely Summer dresses? :o) x

    1. Wine and beer festival? As long as there's lovely Summer dresses and alcohol who cares?

      I actually think this is a bloody good idea!

    2. Or we could just wear nice dresses and drink wine. Sooooo much less organisation required :o) x

    3. Truth! But I must add ale. Unless it's too hot, then just wine. Rose?


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