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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Yes, brewing my own ale often feels like this.

I did, too, I brewed two ales over summer. I still have a fair
amount remaining. I also had an ale today.
We went down south. Some things as predicted, others not. Firstly, the EV. It really is a nice car to drive and the charging times aren't horrendous - they beat getting stuck in traffic (and gaining range from traffic is a bonus) - we even managed to enjoy some of the stops. It was very cold and we took a few more comfort breaks than we needed, but the trip back was lighter as a result - fewer stops now we knew what we were dealing with.

The hotel was as expected - we swam on just two of the days, which was an improvement on the original plan, due to the trip we took to the capital - and we even managed to visit the local brewery again, which was nice. The car did need charging on an evening though, meaning that I was off for about an hour-ish each night to the nearest free rapid charger, which wasn't that much of a bind, but did mean we didn't really mix as a couple. On the first night I returned to find everyone asleep, on the second Tilly was just nodding off and, on the third night when we returned home, Tilly disappeared to work on her various businesses. No, really. She did it today as well and will be doing so this evening. Friday is also a busy night, Saturday is out and Sunday is out for me as I return to work the following day.

Not as sunny nor as glamorous.
And we're back to pre-March 2015.

It wasn't a bad trip. I'm stressing about marking still, along with money (paying for a summer holiday the same time as paying for the hotel for this trip has left me short of funds for the month) and... yes. I hope to produce a beer blog post tonight, may even get to visit a beer festival on Saturday whilst Tilly continues with her many enterprises. It's not all her, of course, I am snotty with a cold and that is hardly attractive. It's been hanging about for a good week now.

The long and the short of this post is that I enjoy driving an EV.


  1. Just caught up with the last couple of months of posts, due to not being dead. I've missed some good stuff, it seems. Opening up seemed to work well. Let's hope it can continue.


    1. Indeed it did, we'll see how long for.

      Nice to see you back around here and thank you for reading! No, really.

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