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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Out of the Blue

My wife bought me flowers today.

Like the ones in the bottom right actually, well, centre at the
bottom. Two bunches.

I could just leave this entry with that phrase, I really could, but it deserves some explanation. I haven't been posting, here or anywhere else, and I've been feeling pretty shitty, all told. Struggling to keep up with marking, always an issue this time of year. Ah, long story short: me feeling down and depressed makes for fewer posts.

Anyway, I bought Tilly a CD after the holidays - a replacement for one that she always loved and then I got it destroyed. It was in the car, it fell out one day (Tilly never put CDs back in their cases) and I didn't notice. So it got scratched and driven over a bit for a few days in the car parking space I used where we used to live. That would have been around 2012. After Christmas I had a voucher so I used it to buy the CD. It took until yesterday to get delivered and so I brought it back eagerly along with the DVD of Tron: Legacy that I got to make it free postage. We watched the film, together, even though Tilly is feeling ill again. This on the back of some actual romantic interaction over the last week or so. And, today, Tilly bought me flowers. Said it had been a plan for a while. And I am absurdly grateful and pleased about it.

They are market bought. White, purple, red and pink flowers with two yellow roses and plenty of leafy stuff in the background. Delicate and pretty and, well, they're lovely.

I don't know what I was expecting, I've never been bought flowers before, but they are lovely and pretty and colourful and... I am happy they have been bought for me. How ridiculous. But I am, very happy. Absurdly grateful. Tilly bought me flowers and they are brilliant.


  1. That is just fab - good for her! Was worried that you were feeling down, you being quiet often means that. Keep chin up lovely lady x

    1. It can do, certainly, and initially it did. It's all a roller-coaster! And thank you, I shall try!

  2. How sweet!

    Are you certain that Tilly is just one person? It seems impossible to know who you dealing with much of the time!

    1. Absolutely, yes, that's the size of it.

      Always hard to know which way to jump and expect action in...


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