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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Here's the offending item. Lord knows why it stuck
in my head enough for me to wig out today.
How's this for irrelevance? Today I was downloading some music for the Girlie in the car and thought about a memory stick I'd seen the previous day in town when out looking for curtain rings and hooks. Yes, I am that rock'n'roll. Anyway, I announced that I would go and get such a thing. We were planning to go down and visit Sienna and Pik with their newest - these are the people that Tilly went to see on the last day of term - and this entailed minimal planning for charges with the EV but there had been significant delay in setting off as they were also coming back from a family visit. I'm getting ahead of myself. I dashed out, I saw a lovely design and then couldn't justify buying it. I returned home. We set off. The charger was broken at the services but we found one that wasn't but had to wait for an hour to use it. A good time was had but much faff - all of which could have been avoided with better decision-making from me. Also, all of this gadding about has borked the mileage that I had set, of course it has, and there's the holiday we're trying to plan for around Easter... Sorry, financial worries are unbecoming.

The funny thing is that I couldn't justify spending £7 on a memory stick. Why? Because it seemed a lot of money to spend on something simply because it looked nice. Oh, it was a flowery design, I am a sucker for such things it would appear. No, it's not cheaper online.

Aye, and we chose shit ones. Oh, there are a couple of
good eggs in there, but my brother and his wife are two of
them and that was a bit stupid.
We were asked to be godparents - a heavy duty indeed (and one that I already fail on with one other child) - which was nice. Luckily Tilly is better at emoting and being human than I and could do all the necessary. Indeed, it will likely be down to her efforts that we act in any way like godparents, though we proved less good at choosing godparents for our own children. You see the full level of vacuity that I can provide to pretty much any situation. This ought to have been the front and centre part of the post, but no, instead it's me ruminating on not buying a memory stick with a pretty cover.

Tomorrow Tilly and the Girlie head out to see a play for the day, the Boy and I will no doubt head to McDonald's and then catch another showing of Episode VII. He likes it. I think I do too. Granted, it's no work of art and it is bordering on derivative but, missing much of the hype, I enjoyed it and it had a few more Feminist bits in it than the original trilogy (don't even get me started on the prequels) and so I can grant it a pass.

I can't complain, I got hugged without prompting as we finished charging on the way home. It came with an unbidden kiss too. My cup runneth over.

The theory is accurately summed up here. It explains my
bastion of humanity in the wastelands of semi-rationality
and attempted logic.

Objective logic is just male subjectivity.
I have noticed that Tilly has a pathological fear of being wrong. I mean, no one likes to be wrong, and no one likes to be in the wrong either. But Tilly seems inordinately threatened. I've always known this, of course, but it was watching her blow up at the Girlie a few days ago because there was the merest hint that Tilly was being blamed by her for something that was not something someone could be blamed for. Tilly kept on about not being to blame and kept layering on the anger thickly around the concept that she was being blamed - eventually I had to step in just to stop the ranting, the issue had long ago been solved, and do my best to get the Girlie out of the situation. It threw into sharp relief everything I've been saying on here for a long time - the problems that we face as a couple must be my fault because Tilly cannot countenance being wrong or accepting responsibility for any failings or issues. There can be no joint approach to any issues because she will not admit or accept that anything needs to be done by her. Says I, from the comfort of knowing that I am right because that's how one interacts with the world. There's a name for the paradox, I'm sure, but it goes something along the lines of confirmation bias and how humans prefer to ignore reality in favour of sticking to points of view that they hold. It is one of the few ways in which I can succeed at being a genuine human being.

Reality has a habit of existing outside of
our weltanshauung...


  1. So, did you buy it? I felt the same about some red floral Laura Ashley stationary: heavy card boxes, pencil case and notebook. They were so pretty. Fortunately I was living alone at the time - a break from Mrs A - and I bought them. They made me so happy. Not vacuous: when you can't move on the big things, the small things become really important for maintaining sanity. :o) x

    1. They sound lovely, and there's plenty to support you buying them for their prettiness - they could even prove useful and interesting beyond their initial purchase.

      Also, you aren't likely to find better storage solutions and stationery that are double the capacity for much the same price per cubic centimetre - so they stand up on value for money just for prettiness.

      Alas, a memory stick I would be using in the car to play music that worked out at twice the price per GB as a plain memory stick, no matter how pretty the pattern, was unlikely to pass the test. I already have a 500GB storage brain for big stuff, so I couldn't even justify the 64GB version in pink. Paying twice as much per GB for a 16GB or four times as much per GB for a 8GB stick seemed... well, unsustainable.

      Point taken about sanity. I'm burning a candle now for that: midnight jasmine from Yankee Candle - I can recommend. x


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