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Sunday, 27 December 2015


Feminine interest, apparently, but I have always had
a soft spot for candles. Too bad I didn't notice what
my Mad-Ex meant when she said that I liked candles
more than her...

And I do. I like candles. Scented is fine, but big fuck
off ones in pastels are good too.
The actual event, Christmas, has been pretty good this year. We surprised my father for his birthday on Christmas Eve and actually managed to get some actual happiness out of him. He was genuinely surprised and genuinely happy to see us. Both children got time alone with the grandparents and both thus behaved beautifully - they were stoked to see them and play with them and my father was pleased to play host. Despite heavy rain and insanity-causing winds we managed to do the trip without running out of charge and get home in the early evening. I should explain that the wind was agin' us on the way down meaning that it took twice the power to keep a constant speed, thus around halving the distance we could travel with the charge we had, but we managed it without incident, just a little worry on my part.

You've seen this, right?

It's not perfect, but it's bloody
The Day itself went very well. An agitated Girlie woke at midnight and sobbed for two hours as it wasn't morning yet, but eventually fell asleep. There was a delay in the morning proper as the Boy awoke at 5.30am, then passed out until 8.30am, but the Girlie and I weathered it as best as we could with Christmas music on my laptop in her room before we all went downstairs together to unwrap presents. I'll confess to being jealous of the network of friends and contacts that Tilly has - resulting in her rivaling the children for amount and thoughtfulness of gifts. I got what I wanted, for a change: two Archive albums from my father and his wife; the beer I bought myself from the children and some mini scented candles with Mad Max: Fury Road DVD from Tilly. I got some toiletries from my mother, along with some socks and a scarf. I can't complain about this - you get back from life what you put in and I have spent since 2005 withdrawing from my friendship groups so... yeah. We had a cooked lunch together, though the Boy bailed after about ten minutes to play with his Angry Bird toys. In the evening Tilly and I watched Mad Max which she pronounced as not being as bad as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and then we went to bed.

I am debating whether or not my daughter's love of this toy
marks success or failure in parenting.

Still, she loves it.
Boxing Day also went well. The family watched some Angry Birds and Paw Patrol whilst I got ready for the day. The Girlie then spent most of the day in her room with her new CD player - Tilly helped set it up - and the Boy and I played with the Angry Birds toys. Lunch, then Tilly and the Girlie sang SingStar songs whilst the Boy and I continued to build and knock down Angry Bird forts. We also made the two Lego sets that he got for Christmas before having a lovely tea and then it was time for the Boy to relax on his screen and the Girlie to listen to more CDs on her player.

Wonder of wonders, Tilly and I shared some intimacy in bed last night. No details here, it's too much like a kiss and tell, but she did finish with "Happy Christmas". Now, I'm not complaining, I just hope that this isn't 'it' for a long time yet. Though I would suggest that perhaps it is, we'll see.

No word from my brother save a reply when I asked if they were safe from the flooding in their part of the country to say that they were nowhere near any flooding and my geography was wrong. My father texted last night to berate us for not phoning his wife's mother yet too. My family. Still, today the Boy and I went to the park whilst Girlie and Tilly did SingStar. Tilly started writing her next article tonight - I should be using the time to mark but I am clearly not, instead I am listening to the Archive albums because I can. I also found this and can relate.

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